Luxury Lifestyle

There are many goals that you probably have in life. I’m sure a lot of them are monetary and lifestyle goals. I want to send some insight and motivation your way.

Let’s talk about the Luxury Lifestyle.

First, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the Luxury Lifestyle?
  • Why do you want the Luxury Lifestyle?
  • How do I obtain Financial Freedom?
  • What do I do with Financial Freedom?

Many wake up in the morning screaming to themselves “I want to be a millionaire”, or they wake up asking themselves the question “How do I become a millionaire?”. These are two very different mindsets.

However, there is more to being successful than money. Don’t get me wrong all these pretty things are nice. So you want a Ferrari 458 Italia, or a Lamborghini Huracan, or maybe an enormous luxury super yacht, or maybe you just want to have the nicest, largest estate you can find in the area of your choosing. Those are all fantastic goals. I mean as you can see below all of these things look great on paper, or on the internet in this case.

But what is REALLY important here?

I don’t want any of you to get under the false impression that I’m not a pretty materialistic SOB myself. I do like nice things and I really enjoy looking at them. What I’ve realized however, is that it’s not all about the material items that you possess but more about what you do with these items. If you do buy a yacht, where will you take it? If you do live in a mansion, will you entertain all of your closest friends and family at all of the wonderful holidays you celebrate?

If you have the opportunity to buy yourself some luxury supercar, are you going to burn some rubber on the track and satisfy your inner adrenaline junky?

When I talk about a millionaire mindset I’m not necessarily referring to thinking about luxuries all day long, I’m referring to thinking about goals! When you set goals, no matter how extravagant or lavish these goals are, and you strive every day to meet this goals, then, and only then are you thinking like a millionaire.

What is the luxury lifestyle?

I hope you thought about this question a bit as you were reading. In my personal opinion the luxury lifestyle is not all about the fast cars, the flashy watches, the huge boats, or even a huge house. I personally am in pursuit of happiness.

I don’t really know what your happiness looks like, but if you look at this photo I think you’ll start to feel a bit more relaxed.

This is my idea of a luxury lifestyle. The financial freedom to travel anywhere you want, like the Maldives on the left. Maybe Thailand, where I traveled for the first time in 2016.

Some people may already be in the position where they have a family, kids, a spouse, whatever your situation, figure out how you define the luxury lifestyle and pursue that dream. Really get behind whatever it is that you are doing and work towards making it happen.

Why do you want your version of the luxury lifestyle?

Everyone is different. That is something made abundantly clear to me over the years, and I’m realizing day after day that people are actually more different than I could ever imagine. With that being said I’m also realizing that people pursue goals, dreams, and financial freedom for many different reasons. So evaluate here not what your definition of the luxury lifestyle is, but why do you want it?

Is your drive for the luxury lifestyle or making millions of dollars on the internet, or at home, or even just in a brick and mortar type business, primarily to benefit yourself? I know that at this point in my life my sole responsibility is myself. Now while pretty much every penny I make I either save or spend on myself (I know I sound selfish, but it’s the reality of what most everyone does), I am working towards building a generational wealth.

Through my financial achievements in my lifetime I can contribute to the well being of multiple generations to come after me. This can establish my future children, their children, and maybe their children’s children. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a support system in place in case your children are ever out of a job? What if your children had to draw unemployment? We all know that this isn’t a sustainable way of life. If you have private funds you can make sure that not a single person in your family or network struggles with hardship the way I’m sure many of you have done.

In addition to setting up your family for success, keep in mind all those you can help in the world. Give to charity, pick something that you feel needs to be changed, and go change it! With the appropriate finances you can make so much happen.

How do I obtain Financial Freedom?

I have another portion of my site that I have dedicated solely to making money. If you head over there it will give you insight into how I have generated a passive income for myself, and how I intend to keep that up. Millionaires on average have approximately 7 different income streams. If that seems like a lot, let me tell you how I diversify.

I have a day job. I market online as an affiliate through multiple sites, the most successful of those being Wealth Affiliate. In addition to these two forms of income I have created multiple social media accounts in order to advertise content and sell product for independent or small businesses. That’s not even the end of it! If you want to connect with me directly and discuss more about the opportunities I am pursuing individually please head over to Wealthy Affiliate and reach out. I will most certainly respond and I look forward to talking to you about your goals. Keep in mind it’s completely FREE to sign up, and you will learn a TON of information about digital marketing and affiliate marketing. So now, the last question:

What do I do with Financial Freedom?

Absolutely anything and everything. Enjoy your life, travel the world, learn new languages, meet new people, eat the best cuisines in the world, drink wine in Italy, sit on a beach and watch the most beautiful sunrises you have ever seen. There are endless opportunities when you achieve financial freedom, it’s just a matter of how hard you are willing to work to get there.

See you on the inside!