Affilorama Review: Fortune or Famine

Product: Affilorama

Category: Affiliate Marketing Community

URL: Affilorama

Pricing: Free initial sign up, option to buy extra tools. (Premium sign-up option initially $1, $67/month after that)

Rating: 4.6/5.0

What Is Affilorama?

Affilorama is one of the largest affiliate marketing communities in the world. They offer a comprehensive, all-inclusive marketing course and collaborative space for affiliate marketers to work together and they offer commission for those that choose to promote their community.

Affilorama is free and includes three main portions: an affiliate marketing quick start guide, a downloadable roadmap for your success, and over 120 video lessons that walk you through the step by step process of becoming a successful affiliate marketer online.

This platform has been featured on multiple major online business websites including Forbes, MOZ, Technorati, The Washington Times, and FORTUNE.

In addition to their overall platform Affilorama offers additional tools that allow you to manage critical components of the website creation and scaling process including SEO, PPC, Social Campaigns, and niche offerings, and more.

Who is Affilorama for? Affilorama is for anyone interested in Affiliate Marketing who wants to learn and truly wants to succeed in building an online business. They offer a free membership so you don’t have to have a steady income to get started. All that’s required is an internet connection and drive and determination to get through their lessons.

How To Sign Up For Affilorama

Signing up for Affilorama is quite simple. Just head over to their website by clicking here. That will take you to the main page and click the sign up now button.

This will pop up a sign up sheet that is super simple. Just input your name, email, and create a password and you’re rocking and rolling.

If you wanted to upgrade to premium with access to a 7 video starting guide there is a bonus. $1 Premium Sign Up for your first $30 days. In addition, Affilorama offers a 60 Day Moneyback Guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

Key Features

  • Huge community boasting over 8,000 active members.
  • 120 Awesome Video Lessons showing you exactly how to build an online business from scratch.
  • AffiloTools- An application that Helps with SEO, PPC and Social Campaigns and can easily lead to more profitable leads and conversions.
  • AffiloJetpack- Another critical application that helps to accelerate your business through pre-selected niches, powerful keywords, and great graphics.
  • Rank Tracking Tools- Keep track of your rank in top search engines
  • Seamless integration with marketing platforms. This allows you to see your Clickbank revenues in addition to your Analytics performance.
  • Keyword performance tracking. Tracks your individual keywords and shows you where your traffic is coming from.
  • Integrated social media tools. Shows likes and social media performance for your niche site.
  • Competitor statistics. Shows if your competitors within your niche are catching up in terms of traffic.

My Personal Experience

I wanted to share my personal experiences to support what the testimonials above are saying.

Affilorama has surprisingly helped me tenfold. I have so many metrics I can use to track my performance on my websites. It honestly could not have come a better time. When I first started using Affilorama I was tracking performance in many different places.

I generally would use Analytics, jump to my affiliate program sites and track my performance in separate reports there, in addition to tracking social media on each respective social media site.

After finding Affilorama I was able to track everything in one place. This boosted productivity due to less wasted time on data analysis and tracking.

Affilorama also helped me to learn things from a different perspective than the one I get at Wealthy Affiliate. Essentially Affilorama fills in any small gaps I may have had with their wide variety of video lessons.

Their site support is another awesome feature. If you have any questions or concerns related to Affilorama their team of experts will jump right on it. They are very responsive and get back to you promptly.

I wouldn’t say that Affilorama is the key to my success, but I would say that it definitely is a product that can help anyone looking to start their own online business.

I am a firm believer in expanding to multiple platforms so using Affilorama for it’s amazing tools should be inevitable. It offers a great support system and comprehensive information that allows you to really scale your business and see success that you may not have when limiting yourself to one platform.

My success using Affilorama: In addition to Affilorama helping me tremendously with boosting my websites to the 4 figure a month range, they allow you to become an affiliate of their program as well without having to purchase any products.

I have many times stated that you should never have to purchase a product to market it. It doesn’t make sense that you would be forced to drive a BMW as a BMW salesman. While it helps if you know the car inside and out and have driven it yourself many times, you only need to be an expert on the subject and Affilorama makes it very easy to become an expert on their tools and overall platform.

Since Affilorama is so easy to market I have seen spectacular commissions come from Affilorama and intend to never stop using their services and tools. Finally, they will help you with outsourcing. After working on sites every single day turning my days into 18 hour work days, Affilorama has given me the proper instruction on outsourcing some of the day to day tasks of operating a niche site like this.

I highly encourage you to head over to the site and check out their Introduction post and free video lessons. If you aren’t convinced after that then maybe affiliate marketing is not for you and that’s okay!

Final Thoughts

I personally could not be happier with my experience with Affilorama. When they say they are the best out there I would agree that they are one of the best most certainly. Their educational resources and tools are an absolute must have for anyone looking to become a successful affiliate marketer. It is important that you diversify your options and opportunities and Affilorama has helped with this tremendously.

It is well worth the free membership to at least get started. If you don’t then purchase the additional options that Affilorama offers I would certainly be surprised. Once you begin to really dive into the community and offerings that Affilorama gives you I can say with confidence that you will not want to leave.

I think that the two major platforms Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama are the only platforms you need in the affiliate marketing industry that will drive you to success. They supplement each other amazingly and easily push you to achieve your goals whether is is $100/month or $10,000/month it can be done with hard work, dedication, and a little help from these platforms.

Fortune or Famine

I give Affilorama FORTUNE tag. I am always ripping apart platforms here as majority of online services are complete scams these days. It is not very often that I find something legit.

When something like Affilorama comes along it is easy to write it off initially as just another affiliate site. After checking out their website and joining for myself I have to say it’s earned the Fortune tag from us over here at Incite Wealth.

Remember, never limit yourself to one form of income or one educational resource. Learn about my multiple forms of income here.

If you have any questions about Affilorama or would like to talk about your own personal experience there please, I encourage you to comment below!

Is Timothy Sykes a Scam Artist?

You are probably reading this because you are interested in trading penny stocks, or interested in learning the secret to making millions of dollars in the stock market.

Let’s be honest here. If you want to make a lot of money fast, you aren’t going to do it by long term investing. That’s why so many people have turned to day trading, and specifically, day trading penny stocks.

If you have stumbled upon Timothy Sykes’ Instagram, Facebook, or any other outlet of Tim’s you have probably seen a decent amount of people throwing hate at him.

You have probably seen or heard accusations from people that have lost money in the stock attributing their misfortune to Tim. Well, I am here to tell you the truth about Timothy Sykes and answer the question, Is Timothy Sykes a Scam Artist?


Timothy Sykes is a famous Penny Stock Day Trader. His claim to fame is turning $12,415 into approximately $4.37 Million strictly via trading. This doesn’t take into account all of the other business outlets Tim has created throughout his years as a wealthy trader.

Tim first started trading penny stocks with his bar mitzvah money which accumulated to the $12,415 figure listed above. With this he developed his strategies initially by trading stocks in the long direction. Essentially buying a stock, holding over night, and selling into morning spikes. This is perhaps one of his most popular, and still very relevant and simple strategies.

After Tim really began to make a profit, he began to skip his college courses just so he could trade stocks. Eventually he grew his account to $2 Million and thought it would be a great idea to fire up his own hedge fund.

Unfortunately Timothy Sykes made a few bad moves trying to invest long term and ended up losing almost everything that multiple investors had dedicated to his hedge fund. Although he had become the leading short biased hedge fund according to Barclay for three years that dream soon ended.

Tim’s wild west attitude came from a highly regulated hedge fund world where he couldn’t explain his methods and process of day trading to the thousands of people writing him emails. This infuriated Tim and he has since founded the empire that he runs today.

Initially Tim Sykes wrote his own book called An American Hedge Fund that became a best-selling autobiography and continued on to write about his experiences in his blog.

Tim then founded, which is essentially a platform for anyone interested in trading penny stocks and learning Tim’s strategies. In addition, gave traders access to a community to share ideas and grow as traders, work on their own strategies, and learn from others who have succeeded and failed in the stock market.

Tim has also built an insane online stock screening platform called StocksToTrade which is one of the most valuable tools a Penny Stock Trader can invest in. He has since been featured on almost every major news outlet including CNN, Bloomberg, and CNBC just to name a few.

Now that you’ve heard all about Tim, I want to tell you my story, and really shed some light on whether Timothy Sykes is a scam artist like so many say he is.

My Experience With Timothy Sykes






I had read every stock market related book I could find like Warren Buffet’s Essays and The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. As much as I enjoyed these reads and felt that I had learned a ton, I could quickly tell that unless I had $500k to drop right then and there, I was never going to grow my small account into millions of dollars investing this way.

I came to Tim’s website after reading all about him online. I was interested in the stock market and making money as fast as possible. I knew that long term investing wasn’t the way to go. I stumbled upon his YouTube video lessons and I watched every single one. I was hooked.

So I initially wanted to join Tim’s Challenge but didn’t have the money. I made it my goal to save up as much money as possible and open an ETrade account. When I opened my ETrade account I went all in with Tim and as well. I signed up for TimAlerts which is Tim’s lowest tier of chatroom access, daily watch lists, and gives access to hundreds of video lessons. Back then it was still $49 a month.

My first couple trades went terribly. I hadn’t studied enough, didn’t know what I was doing, didn’t listen to Tim, and I lost around $400 of my $2000 account. This happens to SO many people, and had I quit there I would have been one of the many people hating on Timothy Sykes for “making them lose money”, when really it’s their own fault for being unprepared.

I didn’t let this discourage me. Matter of fact I knew I needed to learn more about the stock market and really understand patterns including technical and fundamental analyses. I purchased Tim’s How To Make Millions DVD and binge watched the entire thing, twice.

I went back to at this point and back to the chatrooms. I was alerted on trades but now knew better than to chase things that I was not comfortable with. As Tim says, “trade like a retired trader that will only come back into the market for the perfect trade.” These words have stuck with me and are what have led to my current success trading Penny Stocks.

I’m not one of Timothy Sykes’ millionaire students, at least not yet, but I can tell you I have made money using his strategies. I grew my ETrade account from $2000, well I guess $1600 after the huge loss to $2873 in just 2 short months.

If this doesn’t seem like a lot to you, realize that’s a net growth of 43% in two months. The S&P 500, probably the best return on investment of the indexed funds available only gains on average 8-10% each year. I quadrupled this in 1/6th the time.

Unfortunately, I became unemployed, and cashed out my ETrade account to pay for my college tuition that quarter. While this was a tough decision, I had to do it in order to complete my education, judge as you will.

Since then, I have come back to Timothy Sykes’ teachings and started with a much smaller account. $1000 until I get back into the swing of things. My account value sits at $1587.76 after 3 months of being back and following Tim’s strategies.

So Is Tim Scamming People?

You decide. You’ve heard my results and all I can do is be honest with you and share my own personal experiences. I am not one to hype things up and pretend like Tim has made me millions. If Tim had made me millions at this point I probably wouldn’t have joined Wealthy Affiliate and started my own online business.

However, with the revenue I receive from online endeavors I now have the proper money to trade in the stock market and I bet you know exactly who’s strategies I’m going to use to make my own millions. You got it, Timothy Sykes.

If you want to chat more about his strategies, feel free to make your own free account and contact me via my profile here. I highly encourage you to watch the video below which gives a great introduction into how to trade penny stocks for those who are just starting out.

There are a lot of so called “gurus” out there that will add you to mailing lists and convince you to sink copious amounts of money into their platforms, don’t do it. The only guru that is NOT scamming you is probably Timothy Sykes. Who knows, maybe Penny Stocks aren’t for you, but if that’s the case then maybe making money isn’t for you either.

I say sign up here.

Good Luck!

The Best Affiliate Marketing Websites

Since I’ve been Affiliate Marketing I have run across thousands of affiliate links and opportunities to promote different products. What I have noticed, however, is how hard it is to distinguish quality affiliate sites from junk.

I’m writing this article to point out my 3 favorite affiliate websites and I will tell you exactly why each of them is fantastic.

I know that you can do individual product affiliate links, but I mostly go for networks due to the vast quantity of products you can find within an affiliate network. I would encourage you to do the same, depending on the content you are building.

I am not telling you to only specifically rely on these three sites, just leading you in the direction that will lead to the most conversions with the highest quality products.

Before we dive in, I’d like to mention a very important point.

Refuse To Sell Out…

This is the most important part of affiliate marketing. These days it seems as if everyone is trying to jump into the game of affiliate marketing.

Well how do you know someone is legit? Or that their product is legit? The truth is, you don’t… You can only use your best judgement and do the best thorough reviews of products with the information you are given or your own personal experiences.

When I urge you to refuse to sell out here’s what I mean…

Do not ever sacrifice your own morals and ethics to scam someone into buying something just so you can make a buck. If a product is crap, don’t pretend like it’s the best thing since sliced bread (Thanks Wonder Bread).

Usually people can see through your lying, and then when they use a garbage product that you have recommended guess who the negative traffic is going to reflect on… YOU.

With that being said, let’s talk about some of the networks that promote the highest quality products.

Number 1: Wealthy Affiliate

So obviously Wealthy Affiliate is my bread and butter. The reason being is because this network sets you up for success right off the bat. It’s free to join (as all affiliate marketing sites should be) and they actually teach you how to promote their product.

I promote Wealthy Affiliate not because of their great commissions, but because of the opportunity for success that this community has given to me. I can’t tell you how many times people ask me how I’m managing to host multiple websites, seamlessly, manage comments, write content, and not have a mental breakdown.

Wealthy Affiliate is the reason why. With all the back end hosting, email setup, and great support system within the community I almost never have a question go unanswered. The best part is that the founders are active members of the community and can help you along the way. If you want to learn more about my favorite affiliate marketing community check out my review here.

There is a reason I am still a WA member and that I have upgraded to their premium membership option. I suggest you get inside and chat with me about that. It is free after all.

Number 2: Clickbank

I think it goes without saying that Clickbank is an extremely dominant force in the realm of affiliate marketing. With the ability to filter the opportunities by average sales and initial sales you can limit your affiliate marketing campaigns to the most profitable ventures out there.

Clickbank also allows you to look into specific niches which is extremely important. I don’t want to be promoting children’s toys on a health and fitness website, and Clickbank’s filters really let you get right to the point.

The commissions are great with Clickbank. There is such a wide variety of products to promote that offer 60, 70, and even 80% commissions on sales. The profit margin isn’t huge for these products obviously, but if they are quality and they work then there is absolutely no problem promoting that product and receiving great commissions.

I personally know some bloggers that have turned just their Clickbank affiliate marketing sites into $1,000/day sites. I can’t tell you how insane this is to hear about their great success just through one affiliate marketing site.

If you haven’t heard of Clickbank, it is also free to sign up as an affiliate. I highly suggest you head over there and sign up for an account. Even if you never use any of the affiliate links that Clickbank has to offer, at least you will have a better idea of what the best platforms offer before you move on to somewhere with lower quality products.

Number 3: Commission Junction

Commission Junction is my third favorite. They are a little more exclusive and actually pretty ad focused. Considering I’m not a huge fan of ad placement I would say they come in at number three on my list strictly due to that.

I do love their platform. The exclusivity and feel to the site is important. They only allow legitimate sites to display content and promote products. the biggest thing here is that you won’t get crummy products if you don’t approve the ads or products you are linking to.

Here, you can share your business model and goals for your website or blog with Commission Junction and then advertisers can reach out to you when you fit their niche in order to market their products. This is important because you can directly declare your standards up front.

You can accept or decline offers, and some offers will still be spammy.

I highly encourage you to decline those offers. Don’t just see dollar signs and chase every ad you see or your site will begin to look ridiculous. In addition, readers will get fed up as I do when I am searching for new quality content to read.

Sometimes I am just interested in the story and when 5 ads are blasting me in the face I simply exit. I don’t need to read the content bad enough to fight through over ad placed sites.

There you have it!

Those are my top three affiliate marketing sites. I really hope that you enjoyed reading and gained some value from this post. I hope you sign up for all three options as they are all free and by no means a waste of time!

If you do jump into Wealthy Affiliate I will personally help you out with whatever it is you are looking to get out of your online affiliate experience and answer any questions you might have. Think of me as your personal coach. You can model your success based on what I have done here at Incite Wealth or Incite Fitness. Let me tell you, it’s rewarding.

If you have experience with any of these three please feel free to leave me a comment as always! I’d love to hear your story. In addition, if you have any questions before signing up feel free to ask below as well and I can answer as soon as I see it.


How To Make 60K a Year

I want to tell you about a program I recently stumbled upon that will teach you exactly how to earn yourself a $60k/year job with zero college experience.

This is a self taught program called In Demand Career Guide, and I’m telling you this is information you need to reach your financial freedom goals.

I turned one of my friends on to this system and now he is knocking down around $63k/year after a year and a half of working in digital marketing without a college degree.

I’ve always been a believer that you must start out with a good foundation in order to become successful in the future. This is why I refuse to quit my day job even after seeing insane success as a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

What is In Demand Career Guide?

In Demand Career Guide is essentially an online guide to learning exactly what you need to know to bust into the field of digital marketing. You can learn everything from keyword optimization, to SEO, to SMM, and more.

If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about with any of the above, even more reason for you to head over to their site and check this out.

A Few Major Things You Will Learn:

  • You will learn in detail all about the field of Digital Marketing. There have been 100,000s of jobs created in this field over the last few years, and it is ever growing with the increase of demand for technology.
  • You will learn about high paying jobs that no one even knows are out there. These are truly the hidden gems of the industry, and you will have the exclusive opportunity to learn about these jobs.
  • You will learn the real life digital marketing skills that employers need right now. This is a hot market, and will be around for quite some time. These skills taught by In Demand Career Guide are not just skills that will fade, and they aren’t skills that you will pick up from a university.
  • You can learn how to build your experience level prior to applying for jobs. With the job market these days, everyone asks for years of experience before you can snag a job.

This is generally a problem for people trying to get employed because they aren’t sure how to get the experience they need. Well In Demand Career Guide will teach you exactly how to build your resume and experience prior to applying for your first $60k job.

The In Demand Career Guide Philosophy:

High Demand for Skills+Low Supply = Easy Entry/High Pay

This equation is fool proof supply and demand. There have been many industries in the past that become new industries, this is one of them. Digital Marketing has not been around long enough to have built the sort of interest employers need from jobseekers.

With technological advancements and more and more start ups coming online, we are seeing more demand than ever for practical digital marketing skills.

Since there is such a low supply of digital marketers out there right now, finding a job in this field is much easier than a large majority of other jobs.

If I haven’t said enough already, head over to In Demand Career Guide right now and listen to what Seth has to say about it. He is walking, talking proof that the system works. He put the entire training together and will walk you through the lessons one by one.

His video explains exactly how he went from making next to nothing as an unemployed film major, to landing a job making over $100k per year just a short 3 years.

You can spend your next 3 years flipping burgers and going to college, or you can throw your entrepreneurial spirit at In Demand Career Guide and become self-taught.



Best Keyword Tool For Affiliates

So many of you have already taken my advice, and learned a ton about Affiliate Marketing, and how to build your own business online.

If you haven’t, I highly suggest you check out this review before you go any further. You can thank me later.

If you are already an affiliate of some sort, or if you just want to get noticed on Google, Bing, Yahoo, whatever other search engines are out there for your wonderful creative content, you have come to the right place!

I am about to let you in on my secret to keyword research. This platform has proven itself time and time again. I’ll tell you why I think Jaaxy is the world’s most advanced keyword tool. First, let’s talk background…

How I Got Started With Jaaxy

When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2016, I was new to the concept of keyword research, SEO optimization, and really how to write keyword based content.

I had always wondered how people came up with such catchy titles, or maybe it wasn’t so catchy and was worded in a particular way that I wouldn’t have necessarily worded it myself.

Well, that’s keywords for you. I personally never go out of my way to change my content to fit my keywords as much as I create a title and then check out how much organic traffic it is estimated to drive to my website.

After being a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a few months and blowing through some great coursework (There’s a reason WA is the number one platform for digital entrepreneurs on the internet) I stumbled upon Jaaxy.

Don’t get me wrong the integrated keyword tool in Wealthy Affiliate helped a great deal in the early stages, but as your website becomes more developed and you start creating more and more content, you will be looking for an upgrade.

This is exactly what happened to me. As my websites have grown over time, and I’ve learned to develop my thoughts more completely, my keyword research has needed improvement.

Jaaxy has solved all my keyword problems in no time flat…

This is an example from a few months back that shows exactly what sort of results Jaaxy will give you.

Key Points About Keywords

First off, keywords are important. Keywords are essentially what a search engine looks for inside your content when someone searches within that engine.

Example… Imagine you head over to Google and type in “Best Keyword Tool For Affiliates”… What will likely pop up is this page because it is titled based on those particular keywords.

This is precisely how you drive traffic to your page, and probably the reason that you are reading this article now.

Second, there are some very particular methods to selecting the right keywords for your post.

I know when you are first building your sites credibility you will want to essentially snag all the low hanging fruit within your niche.

Look for keywords that you can write around that aren’t overly populated with competition.

Lastly, make sure that these key words are still searched for regularly.

If you can identify the amount of searches per month, and how much traffic that keyword will drive to your site that month, then and only then should you use that keyword.

Some Important Keyword Criteria

If you are looking for specific keyword criteria, as a beginner you should stick to those keywords that generally have a high search rating, maybe 300+ searches per month.

This is easy to find as people are searching things 24 hours a day 7 days a week from all over the world…so often times even strange keywords will have 300+ searches monthly.

The most important aspect of your keyword research, however, is the level of competition you are up against.

If you are just beginning your site, chances are you are not smashing the ranks of Google just yet. This is fine, but this is also why you need low QSR (Quote Search Results) for that individual keyword set.

Low QSR means lower competition, and this means more clicks for your website. Clicks lead to conversions and the rest is money making history.

I would have to say that quality keywords are probably one of the top three factors relevant to monetizing your website. 

If you want some more information on the proper keyword criteria, check out this video at Wealthy Affiliate.

Now on to the important part… the tool that helps you find these sought after keywords…Jaaxy!

The Best Keyword Tool On The Web

So probably the most enticing thing with Jaaxy is their initial free offer. You get 30 searches for no cost (this basically translates into 15 or so blog posts assuming you search your keywords a couple times).

I know you are probably thinking that’s too good to be true, but it’s not. Don’t believe me? You don’t even have to put a credit card down unless you want to sign up for their premium option.

Now, I’ve incorporated a way below that you can give Jaaxy a shot for yourself. This will show you all the results that I’ve talked about above and put this sweet deal in perspective for you.

Go ahead…Give it a shot!

Oh and I almost forgot to mention…If you are already an Affiliate Marketer, which is very likely if you are focused on keyword research…

Then you are probably interested in Jaaxy’s awesome Affiliate program as well. Here’s an example of the earnings you can see when you become a Jaaxy Affiliate:

If Jaaxy’s state of the art keyword tools and amazing affiliate program haven’t convinced you already… I encourage you to search the rest of the web. When you realize there is just nothing quite like Jaaxy out there (I use this for my own websites) then I will see you back!

If you already use Jaaxy or have any questions about keyword research in general, leave a comment below. Let’s chat about building you a money making machine!



Writing Jobs Online Review

Product Name: Writing Jobs Online

Founder: Glen Anderson

Category: Online Freelance Writing

URL: Writing Jobs Online

Price: $1 for a 7 day trial. $27/mo after

Rating: 4.6/5


Writing Jobs Online is a service that essentially pairs freelance writers with popular blogs, ebook creators, and sales websites offering paid, online writing work.

They pair you with different jobs based on your interests and subject areas and allow you to choose or bid on lists of available jobs from particular customers. Some of the possible types of writing gigs available are:

Writing Jobs Online has a propriety partnership with many major companies. This allows writers to be connected with some of the top online resources and be paid accordingly. Examples of these can be seen below:

Who Is It For?

Writing Jobs Online is for those attempting to pursue financial freedom, set their own hours, avoid the crazy workplace environment, or those who want to be their own boss. It can also be used as a great way to supplement your regular income through part-time writing after work or on the weekends. If you’ve ever asked yourself “How Can I Work From Home?” or “How Do I Make Money Online?” then this can be a great tool for you.


There is absolutely no restriction on where you are from in the world. Writing Jobs Online allows anyone from ANYWHERE to join their site and begin contributing to the needs of those who request freelance writing. Here are some examples of current countries represented on Writing Jobs Online:

In addition, AGE doesn’t matter. You can be a teenager still in high school or a retiree who just enjoys writing in their spare time. No matter who you are, you are eligible to sign up for Writing Jobs Online.

Cost and Sign Up

The initial cost of the service is $1. This allows you access to the full site and resources for 7 days in which you must cancel if you do not wish to stay subscribed. However, I think after you begin to see results you’ll want to stick with it.

What’s even better is that if you end up not liking it, it wasn’t what you were hoping for, or you didn’t see any income or return, you can ask for your money back within 60 days no questions asked.

In order to sign up Click Here!

Internal Features

The good:
  1. They maintain 24/7 support and service in case you ever get stuck as a writer or need help navigating their site or a customer site. Additionally, they provide online coursework to help take you from a beginner level writer to an advanced writer in just weeks.
  2. $1 Trial and a 60 Day Moneyback Guarantee. Essentially you can try this product before you buy it. Usually that is a good sign coming from online platforms like Writing Jobs Online. Often times sites will not allow you a trial period because they have something to hide.
  3. Full payout. You get paid for every job you take on 100%. There are no commissions taken from you and you are not limited to earning 20-30% commissions like most freelance sites.
  4. You can pick and choose which jobs you take. You are not forced to write about something you don’t take an interest in, which makes it fun. When you are having fun making money, I don’t really know what else you can ask for!
The bad:
  1. The time you have to dedicate to freelance writing is pretty substantial. You cannot generate a completely passive income in this manner, that should be done through building your own website and marketing there.
  2. The payouts are not always the greatest for the work you put in. Sometimes you will write something and realize that it was probably worth more than what you are making.
  3. The paychecks come just like a regular job. You see your check on the 15th and the 1st, so this is not an instant gratification scenario for freelance writers.

Personal Accomplishments/Failures

Personally I have made over $2,000 in my short time after joining Writing Jobs Online. I have been with them about 3 months and I honestly don’t write a whole lot having to run and digitally market multiple websites on my own time and balance a full time career. This payout more than covers the $27 a month that I pay for the service and I will continue to use it for as long as I am getting paid.

I do prefer generating a passive income through site management, but a few extra bucks on the weekend never hurt anyone.

Final Thoughts

This is not a get rich quick scheme like you see all over the internet. You must put in the legwork (or hand work I guess) in order to make money freelance writing. However, if you dedicate yourself to freelance writing online you will be able to earn a very sustainable income.

I personally know multiple people making thousands per month just through freelance writing. This directly correlates to digital marketing and can actually make you a better writer for your own sites (hence the reason I do it). For the best digital marketing platform that I’ve found, check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate. Combining these two platforms can really help anyone in pursuit of an online income grow tremendously.

 Fortune or Famine?

At the end of my reviews I like to include whether I think this is a service or product that will make you a fortune or leave you in famine. Personally I think that Writing Jobs Online will make you a better writer, pay you great money for not that much time invested, contribute to lifestyle enhancement and finally financial freedom in the long term. My opinion: FORTUNE.

If you have any personal experience with Writing Jobs Online and would like to share please feel free to comment below!

The Millionaire Switch Review

Product: The Millionaire Switch for Men

By: Jason Capital

Price: Free First Video (Sales Pitch), $9 Initial Sign Up

Rating: 1.0/5


If you happen to be a female and you are interested in building wealth for yourself…Steer very clear of this website all together unless you enjoy feeling degraded, put down, objectified, and everything else that women shouldn’t feel while surfing the internet.


So I’m sure that everyone stumbles upon Jason Capital’s program “The Millionaire Switch for Men” looking for ways to earn money online, generate a passive income, and ultimately build a generational wealth or achieve financial freedom.

These are very reasonable and attainable goals. However, this product is selling something completely different, SEX. No, I don’t mean that he’s selling sex directly, I mean that Jason’s program promotes getting laid as the primary reason behind becoming wealthy and he promises to tell you how to do both with his training.

If you want to see just what I mean you can jump straight to his first video here. It’s pretty self explanatory in my opinion.

The Introduction

So initially Jason pops up on the screen pounding some fancy water bottle that he then throws in the pool behind him which I’m assuming is located at his “mansion”. I don’t know if this guy is really a millionaire or has just been thrown into some lucky situations and photographed those experiences well.

Jason moves forward showing you him preaching about getting laid and making money just by “flipping a switch” in your head that apparently ignites the millionaire mentality that everyone so commonly references. The listeners at this meet-up? All middle-aged men looking to score one way or another.

I have to say initially I was excited for what Jason had to say because I liked the enthusiasm and I don’t care attitude, but very quickly I saw that this wasn’t an enthusiastic attitude he carried, but a cocky one.

This is your typical boiler-room style say anything sales pitch that really offers you no insight as to what the product actually does for you, or what he will do for you as a coach. This video and article is filled with fluff to get you to click buy at the end of the whole deal.

Jason talks about your excitement and drive as all of these scammers do when they try and rope you in, and then he begins insulting you if you don’t vibe with what he’s saying. He starts talking about how you just won’t be a “badass” or rise to the top like he and his cronies.


Jason tries to pull together some really outlandish references here. He claims that people like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Robert Downey Jr., etc, all used a very similar method to his method in order to become rich and famous.

I don’t know about you but I smell something fishy here. Buyer beware: these guys busted their backsides all their lives to get where they are. They didn’t purchase some online coaching program where the self-proclaimed millionaire danced around in front of the camera and cursed and yelled about how he wants you to be rich after you flip the special switch in your head.

Jason also references people that he deems unattractive, and directly objectifies women (a perpetual problem in our society already, why add to it). Don’t believe that statement? Here’s a widget he uses:

After reading the caption I have no clue what this has to do with becoming a millionaire online, or generating passive income. Do you have any idea?


Mr. Capital then uses a bunch of testimonials, as does every site trying to pump and dump you right back on your face after spending a ton of money on their programs. Here’s examples:

These are your typical testimonials that realistically could have been written up by anyone. This is worse than what I usually see when finding these scams. There are not even any videos of these people making these statements or flashing checks around. Don’t feed into this.

Closing Thoughts

I honestly can’t write anymore on this program. As I go through more of the video training and the free 2 weeks of nothing that is offered I get more and more offended that this guy thinks dudes buy into this stuff.

I’m guessing it has worked for him before, but let me tell all of you right now, this is not how you generate income online. This is not how to ethically create an empire for yourself and inspire others. If there is one thing I can tell you to do, it’s to avoid the hell out of this guy’s program.

I don’t know what he was thinking in creating this “action-taker community” or support system as he wants to call it but this is really just a perpetual high school locker room talk forum. If you get excited by these things then by all means jam on over and check it out yourself. After all here’s a quote that should be inspiring right?

Having a “bulging” bank account has nothing to do with your confidence level. Having a stable passive income that you have created through hard work and dedication (not some get rich quick scheme) shows boldness and shows someone worth following. In addition, just because your bank account is loaded does not mean you are worth sleeping with.

Take a step back because if women is why you are pursuing wealth, you need to rethink your values. I’m sorry, but I refuse to sell out and promote products like these and jump around and tell you how awesome it was.

I’m serious, if you don’t believe me go look at his intro page for yourself, and make sure to unsubscribe to his emails right away or you’ll be trapped in that never ending black hole.


Go check out my articles on what actually works and what is actually worth your time. I wrote up a great review on Wealthy Affiliate recently and explained all about how that system works.

If you have a different experience and want to share, please leave me a comment, I would love to hear if there is any smidgeon of hope or goodness in this disaster of a program.

Disclaimer: Usually I would write a much more comprehensive overview of how the product operates, what it is worth, who it’s appropriate for and who wouldn’t enjoy it, but with this, I was so disgusted I could only chug out a few hundred words before my fingers got tired of all the BS.









Top MLM Scams: How to Lose Money Online

There’s something happening every day on the internet, and most of you are probably catching wind of it and that’s why you’re here. I am going to outline for you exactly what an Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) scheme is and explain to you exactly how these rotten people are scamming you out of your hard earned money.

What is an MLM?

An MLM is a style of marketing scheme that has been around on the internet for years. It essentially consists of a product or products that you market to the public online. The catch is…YOU have to buy the product before you can actually make commission.

Next, you can “scale up” your “business” by buying more and more expensive items on the scale. Anyone who buys product underneath you or falls into your downline then becomes the person you make commission on. (Sound like a classic illegal Pyramid Scheme yet?)

More often than not, these products are absolutely useless, and are filled with more promises that these companies cannot keep. Hence the reason they are all in huge lawsuits with each other and regular people like yourself.

Now when people first start to research how they can generate revenue online, they usually stumble across one or two of these so called “systems” or “courses”.

Most of these people will be “self-proclaimed millionaires”. They will promise you the world in a month, tell you you’ll be rich and cruising the California coastline in your McLaren, sailing the high seas on your yacht, and living in a mansion with a giant heated swimming pool.

The fact of the matter is, THEY will STAY rich, and YOU will become POOR.

Top MLM Scam On The Market

Alright, I’m going to be honest here, the guys over at Digital Altitude almost got me with their Aspire Program. Now while I can’t give you specific details on their product or how it works, I can tell you that after a few Google Searches you’re going to find out all about their lawsuits.

Matter of fact, here is a direct link to the document transcripts that describe it.

How They Suck You In…

Only a photo of one of NASA’s spectacular black hole discoveries could explain to you how good these people are at selling you on BS.

I’m telling you, they are relentless and will do anything they can to keep you around for as long as possible. Here’s how they waste your time:

  • First, whoever caught your attention and sent you over to that link probably was boasting about all of their money and success. You probably thought “Oh I want some money and success” and shot on over to their fancy little link and then BOOM!
  • Promises on promises. The first thing you see on their website is bullshit testimonials from their top 5 people or a couple dudes on the street they paid $20 to do up a video in a Lambo they provided. Show me 500 true testimonials and then we can talk.
  • Then they give you personal mentors to sell you product and tell you exactly how to take out loans (for how to be an entrepreneur with no money click here) that you can “pay back easily with just a couple sales”. These guys are the real boiler room pump and dump style guys that have credentials and unethically take your money.
  • Last they push you through multiple training videos that really are just meant to tell you why their product is so fantastic and you should buy it.
  • In the end they almost do anything they can to keep you around. They spin every question you ask into some weird explanation that makes absolutely no sense and relate it back to you not having the proper mindset to pursue wealth.

The Product You Are Buying Into Is Not Cheap…

This is how they really get you. These MLM schemes decide to sell you products that cost upwards of $2,000 and range all the way up to $30,000.

Imagine… if you spent $30,000 on advertisement for your business, do you think you would gain any success or sales from this ad campaign? Let me tell you, if I spent that on traffic to my website here, I know for a fact I would see profit from that campaign. Even at a very low conversion rate.

Instead, these companies have you spending $30,000 on “training” that you can get for free all over the internet or on YouTube. Simply Google Digital Marketing Courses and I’m sure you’ll find all that you need.

So How Do You NOT Get Scammed Online?

Let me tell you about the other side of things, the side of digital marketing and true affiliate programs vs. MLM schemes.

  • No Downlines
  • No Forced Product Purchases
  • No Boiler Room Salesmen


  • Real Community With Thousands of People Willing to Help
  • Coursework Provided for FREE
  • FREE Website and Domain Hosting To Get You Started

If you want to understand how to make money on the internet the ethical and smart way, check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate. Here You will learn exactly what it means to generate revenue on the internet. You won’t be scammed out of your hard earned cash.

As always please leave comments if you have experienced any sort of MLM Scam or want to know more about how I make my money online the clean, ethical way.



Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017: My Honest Opinion


Product: Wealthy Affiliate

Rank: 4.8/5.0 Stars

Price: $0 with standard starter membership, $49 monthly for Premium

Owners: Kyle & Carson


What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online digital marketing program and community. Within Wealthy Affiliate you have the ability to learn everything there is to know about online marketing. Wealthy Affiliate provides domain hosting and website setup as well as instructional courses on the development of a website or scaling of a successful online business. They have since become the most reputable online marketing training system and affiliate program in this field.

Their community is supported by over one hundred thousand members and is filled with individuals who interact regularly in order to create a very genuine, helpful experience. There are discussion threads, comment sections, and live chat threads that allow you to receive all the help you need almost immediately relating to any topic about online business.



  • Access to online marketing experts 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Access to a wide variety training courses on any topic imaginable
  • Access to discussion threads with consistent interaction
  • 2 FREE hosted domains with SiteRubix
  • Up to 50 unique domains hosted for Premium Members
  • Absolutely FREE access to initial training courses and community members
  • Affiliate program option with commission based income
  • No HTML/CSS/Java programming knowledge necessary
  • Kyle and Carson (owners) will personally help you with hiccups


  • Can be slightly overwhelming until you understand things
  • The site is a little bit busy when everyone is on so Live Chat may not be immediate response
  • Only Premium Members receive unlimited access to the affiliate marketing bootcamp course (which is extremely beneficial to your success)
  • 2 FREE website have a rather than your custom domain name

Who should use Wealthy Affiliate?

Any individual looking for advice on how to create an online business, how to make money online, how to grow or scale a business online, or how to become an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing applies to Amazon and many other sites as well.

Individuals who want to learn, become part of a tight knit, helpful community are those who really flourish within Wealthy Affiliate. Through Wealthy Affiliates extremely comprehensive online course work the program reduces your online learning curve substantially.

Those with goals of creating passive income online, or creating secondary forms of income in general would be interested in Wealthy Affiliate.

Anyone with a drive or passion towards success in an online marketplace.

Training & Tools Offered:

  • Comprehensive online introductory entrepreneur coursework.
  • Affiliate bootcamp
  • Unlimited access to classrooms specifically related to a wide variety digital marketing topics
  • 2 FREE domains hosted through SiteRubix
  • 50 unique/personal domains hosted through SiteRubix (example, this site)
  • Integrated site builder for ease of website design (No code required)
  • A large variety of themes to choose from for websites in addition to direct instructions on how to build your site
  • Traffic generating instructions
  • Statistics trackers

Support System:

Wealthy Affiliate is home to a very supportive community of entrepreneurs with tons of experience and insight to offer. People who use the Wealthy Affiliate site range from new internet marketers to some of the most seasoned veterans out there, the reason? Quality.

Many within the Wealthy Affiliate network are generating thousands of dollars of passive income a month and they will explain to you exactly how they got there, how long they have to work to make money in online digital marketing, and the amount of time and effort it takes to be successful.

Mentorship is also directly available through the sites owners Kyle and Carson who are long time pioneers in the field and show you exactly how to be successful in this market.


Absolutely free. No credit card down as I’ve seen on many websites planning to scam you out of your hard earned cash. You can sign up risk free and get access to all of the free content you wish.

$49 monthly for premium allowing access to the affiliate bootcamp, double commissions, and extended trainings in particular areas regarding affiliate marketing specifically. This along with the 50 unique domains hosted makes this an unbeatable value.

Closing Thoughts:

Why would you not try out Wealthy Affiliate? It’s free, you gain access to an unfathomable amount of educational resources, you have a supportive community surrounding you. Digital marketing is easy to learn with this system and your bases are covered A to Z. Personally, I don’t think you’ll find a better deal out there for all the access you receive with Wealthy Affiliate.

I encourage you to at least check it out and form your own ideas!

Click the photo above and sign up for FREE. Don’t forget to drop a comment below and let me know how you feel about Wealthy Affiliate. If this product has worked out for you, or not worked out for you I’d love to hear what you think.


If you sign up for a Premium Membership within your first 7 days you will have access to me as your personal coach via Skype and Private Message through Wealthy Affiliate.

In addition, your affiliate bonuses will increase immediately by 100%!

What are you waiting for?! Click the photo above or the banner on the side of this page or jump directly to my profile here.