What Platforms Provide The Most Affiliate Commissions?

If you are an affiliate marketer you are obviously interested in making the most use of your time and content development skills.

If you are going to write a new article, create a new video, or design a new social media post, you want to make sure that if you do receive any affiliate commission you receive the maximum amount possible.

You worked for that link clink, and one link click requires the same amount of work whether it’s for $100 or $1,000 so rightfully so, you want to make the most of it.

You’ve probably spent hours wondering what platforms provide the most affiliate commissions. Well, you have come to the right place for answers.

In this article, you’ll read about some of the highest commission platforms in terms of $ amount, but also percentage of commission for sign up. You’ll also read about where exactly to find these platforms.

That’s not all, this article makes some key points surrounding what to look out for when seeking out affiliate platforms. There are a few things that should not be substituted for higher commissions, we will discuss those as well.

So let’s get started!

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4 Unique Tips For Overcoming Writer’s Block

We’ve all been there, struggling to get started with an essay, a new article, even the simple things like a creative Instagram caption.

This is what most refer to as “writer’s block”.

Writer’s block usually attacks at the most inopportune moment. If there is a chance that writer’s block will hit you, it’s usually when you actually decide to sit down to write.

This can be an inconvenient barrier to overcome when you are up against a deadline and just can’t figure out how to get started.

Luckily, these 4 unique tips for overcoming writer’s block can help!

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Where To Find Royalty Free Photos For Your Website

Photos, hard to find but necessary for anyone who owns and operates a website, YouTube channel, acts as a social media influencer, or anyone who just has any sort of online presence.

You may be just starting your blog, maybe you’re an affiliate marketer like me. Whatever the case, it’s likely you yourself are not a professional photographer. Therefore, you need free stock photos for your website.

The hard part is finding the right place for high quality photos that actually relate to the topic you are dicussing.

As a content creator you don’t want to display photos that aren’t relevant, this can detract readers, listeners, or viewers from the message you are trying to portray. The old addage “pictures are worth 1,000 words” is definitely applicable in the online space.

You likely just came here looking for the best place for find royalty free photos for your website so I’ll cut to the chase.

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3 Legit Side Hustles That Actually Make Money ($3,500 Last Month)

Day job just not cutting it anymore? Need to figure out how to lock in some extra cash this year? Need something that has low startup cost but can be super lucrative? You’re not alone. We’ve got 3 legit side hustles that actually make money.

You’ve probably been promised all sorts of strange gimmicky penny penching techniques or been pushed towards apps that round up and save your change every time you buy lunch.

The fact of the matter is, none of these make real money, and none of these are going to put cold hard cash in your pocket anytime soon.

In today’s society most are realizing that all the money they’ve socked away for retirement over the years is just not going to add up when they finally decide to quit the workforce. Most people are also starting to realize that they need a side hustle to really achieve the level of financial freedom or financial independence they want in life.

With more and more people shifting towards building their own side hustle so that they can travel, purchase the house of their dreams, or just live comfortably, you’ll want to be ahead of the curve.

Looking for some REAL extra income?

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My Wealthy Affiliate University Review For 2019

I’ve been part of the Wealthy Affiliate University community for over 2 years now and I couldn’t have been more happy with the results I’ve seen as an affiliate marketer. When attempting to break into the online space and learn how to build out a revenue generating website there are many challenges that affiliates have to overcome.

Wealthy Affiliate has made it easy to circumvent these obstacles, defeat these challenges, and produce your own quality content that consistently ranks in search enginers and brings in affiliate commission.

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Are Instapreneurs Actually Killing It Financially?

You’ve all seen these characters on different social media platforms such as Instagram touting their shiny new toy, oversized mansion, or photos from a far away vacation destination.

When compared to them, you could easily feel like you’re not making it financially. However, I don’t believe that to be true.

I’m here to ask one simple question… Are these so called “Instapreneurs” actually killing it financially?

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How Much Money Do I Need To Start A Business?

Have you ever asked yourself, “How much money do I need to start a business?” Well, let’s dive into that topic right now.

A lot of people out there believe that you must have substantial savings, take out a huge personal or business loan, or be gifted some large sum of money in order to create a successful business.

Let’s face it, most of us don’t start with the six figure income you need today to save a substantial amount of money. Maybe you don’t want to put yourself in outrageous debt. Maybe you just don’t have the qualifications to be given a “small loan of just one million dollars”. Maybe you don’t have a rich family or generational wealth that allows you to gamble all your money away on startup costs. Do any of these sound like you?

Yeah, it used to sound like me too.

So are there options for people like us in this world? Are we still able to chase our dreams, become entrepreneurs, retire early, and be our own boss?

You bet! It can be done, and we are going to talk about some options that you have and how much money you really need to start your own business.

Spoiler alert: It’s not near as much as you think.

Types of businesses:

Let’s first outline the types of businesses. We can start with the most expensive and as we move down the list we will talk about some of the less expensive options and why these might be the best options to pursue in this day and age.

Brick and Mortar Retail:

Brick and Mortar retail businesses may be the oldest small business idea out there. Many people believe that they can start up their own apparel brand, find their niche in some sports gear, hiking gear, or some other category and start up a store for people to come visit and shop.

retail shop

However, this type of business can be extremely expensive to launch. First you have to invest in a space. This can’t just be any space. You have to think about foot traffic, location popularity, mall space or freestanding business. Maybe you aren’t in the best city for retail. Better yet, maybe you live in an extremely expensive retail area.

Do you really want to uproot yourself and move to somewhere that leasing retail space is cheap? If you do don’t you think your sales might decline? After all, that retail space is expensive for a reason.

On top of what could be a minimum $2,000 monthly lease you have to source your own products. Although sourcing on Alibaba or online spaces can be pretty cheap, you usually need a high order minimum to source at wholesale rates. Your minimum investment could be as little as a few hundred dollars for only one type of product.

The issue is that you likely will want to source multiple types of products. Now you are suddenly at a few thousand dollars in product sourcing, racks, shelving, and displays.

Lastly, if you are not in the most prime location, you will need a significant amount of startup advertising. For a brick and mortar business you will still need to establish an online presence for this. You can do this via social media, your own website, or even utilize affiliate marketing.

In addition you will need banners and window advertisement. It would be a wise decision to advertise within other business and use radio or billboards.

If this doesn’t yet seem like it would cost a great deal to start up, let’s look at some other options and understand why they may be much cheaper and possible much better options.

Lastly, don’t forget about your actual time before you make your first sale. This means all of these costs are sunk start up costs that you may never make back if you don’t have all the right pieces of the puzzle in place just how they need to be.

Brick and Mortar Service Firm:

The primary difference between brick and mortar retail and a brick and mortar service firm is that your startup costs are not as dependent upon product sourcing as they are initial employee salary. Yes, employee salaries can be cushioned utilizing a commission structure but base salaries may still be necessary.

To start this type of business you also need a significant amount of education and expertise in a particular field to consult or provide a service in that field. For example, if you were to start an engineering firm from scratch you would need to have a degree in engineer, years of experience, and perhaps even a professional engineering license.

Engineers are also pretty expensive in terms of salary. Many are not willing to work for free or on commission for startups, so the sunk cost of employees may be significant as well.

Overall this may be a cheaper option than brick and mortar retail, but it still comes with its own logistical expenses that can be a little out of control when you aren’t well off to start.

There’s no sense in blowing your entire savings on a brick and mortar business in today’s day and age when you have some options in the online space. Just what are these options? Glad you asked!

Online Retail/E-Commerce

I’m going to include Amazon FBA, Retail Arbitrage, and Drop Shipping in these categories as well but they may be slightly lower cost than a self sourced e-commerce site.

First, let’s once again talk about startup costs for an online retail or e-commerce store. The initial costs can include a domain, hosting, potentially web design, and likely a seller platform membership (Amazon Seller Central runs $40 a month at the time of writing no matter your level or volume of sales).

These can all be expensive startup costs. With e-commerce it is not ideal to have a domain anything other than a .com or at least something unique. Domains are relatively cheap and easy to setup. Most run about $15 when you first purchase a domain and the renewal fees likely run about the same every year or two.

This is still much cheaper than a brick and mortar retail store because you don’t have to worry about location and leasing fees.

So why would you choose the online route over brick and mortar? That’s easy. A large majority of shopping is now done online. Big Box stores maintain their business because of long-standing brand reputation but even large stores like Walmart and Target and struggling to keep up with Amazon’s prowess online. Even huge corporations like Toys-R-Us have fallen victim to the increase in online sales and low prices online.

There simply is no marketplace anymore for small business. Not only that, with modern fulfillment services like Amazon FBA you can’t beat them when something purchased online will arrive at a customer’s doorstep in just two short days for no added cost. With Amazon PrimeNow it may even be sooner if you have a fulfillment center nearby. (San Francisco and Los Angeles are prime examples of this in California… no pun intended)

While online e-commerce can be much cheaper than its brick and mortar retail counterpart, you still need to invest in product sourcing which can be very expensive.

The best combatant to product sourcing is drop shipping. Drop shipping allows you to avoid sourcing items, and you essentially only pay for what you sell. Is this the best option? It very well could be if you are dead set on selling what you deem as your own product. Don’t forget about the hosting costs for many drop shipping sites though. There may still be a better option out there for most folks without any capital at all.

What type of business can you build with zero start up costs other than a little bit of time and effort? That’s also easy.

Niche Affiliate Website

An affiliate site may just be the cheapest way to start your own business today. In fact, this is my primary source of income and has potential to earn far greater amounts as popularity of my sites only grows.

The reason that building your own niche affiliate website is becoming such a popular option for modern day entrepreneurs is because you don’t need to lease any brick and mortar space. Also, there is no need for excessive hard advertisement, or product sourcing.

In fact, there is a large abundance of opportunity for affiliate marketers today. Finding products to market is getting easier and easier with all the different options that I’ve talked about in many of my previous articles. The commissions can range anywhere from 5-50%. There are even a few affiliate offers out there offering 75-80% commission.

This business model is most lucrative because of all the free educational resources on the internet. In fact, many people are part of online communities like Wealthy Affiliate that teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. In addition, these communities are very helpful when you have questions that might not yet be answered on the internet. Many of these folks are extremely experienced in the online space.

Not only can you learn everything you need to know about how to setup this type of online business, you can actually grab free domains, free web hosting, and more. In fact, if you sign up for a free Wealthy Affiliate membership you can easily get all three of these things in one place. Read more about that here.


Conclusion and Final Startup Cost

So what really is the startup cost required to start your own business? If done correctly you can start with absolutely nothing. Sign Up for a free membership at Wealthy Affiliate, learn how to affiliate market, and get started today.

You can even start your own website in as little as thirty seconds as has been proven time and time again. Check out some of my other articles on how I’ve built my own successful business online. Learn how I’ve created a completely passive income online that supplements my day job and allows me to earn over 6 figures a year.

Who knows, maybe then you’ll want to start your own brick and mortar business with the profits you’ve earned online.

If you have any questions about starting your own business, brick and mortar, online, or affiliate business, drop a line in the comments and I’d be happy to share more resources with you.

Investing in Personal Education 2018

There may be no better opportunity for investment than investing in yourself in 2018. This doesn’t mean buying material goods for yourself to feel good, this means making a legitimate investment in yourself that will eventually better your overall life and ideally generate a significant amount of revenue for you in the future.

What is this investment you ask? Personal education.

You may be wondering what sort of personal education could offer this sort of return on investment or ROI.

No, it’s not another $40,000 college degree from an overrated institution.

It’s also not paying some “guru” to teach you  about his hot new Multi-Level Marketing Scam.

This type of personal education provides a foundation needed to found a successful online business that can actually provide real results and real income over time.

This is not a get rich quick scheme so if you are planning to make $500,000 overnight you aren’t planning to invest in yourself, you are looking for the next best gambling opportunity.

Many people that run websites just like this one, and write articles just like this one are making money every time you click on one of the links within the article. This is called Affiliate Marketing and is what drives the online economy.

Many websites would not be able to stay afloat and many people would not be willing to put in the time and effort needed to educate people online if they were not compensated to do so.

This may seem like a complicated thing to do.

You may not know anything about web development, authoring quality content, finding a niche, converting ads, making sales, finding leads and opportunities, or anything about online business and affiliate marketing.

That’s why I’ve written this article. I want to share with you the wonderful platform that allowed me to build this site, market online, and generate a passive revenue.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform is a personal education platform that I have reviewed in detail multiple times as my experience with the platform progresses.

When I first began with Wealthy Affiliate I had limited experience with HTML, I didn’t know how to develop a website, I didn’t understand how people made money when you clicked their links, and I also didn’t realize that almost everyone pushing any product online is actually making money doing so.

When I used to purchase items online and read countless reviews prior to doing so, I didn’t realize that the folks reviewing the products were actually making commissions up to 60% of the sales price of the item or digital content.

I don’t know about you, but I quickly realized that 60% of a $250 product sold one time is a decent amount of money. I also quickly realized that if I were to convert a sale for this product 5-10 times a day I could easily make over $1,000 a day.

However, I didn’t know how to become an affiliate marketer. Furthermore, I didn’t understand how to become a successful affiliate marketer.

So what did I do? I invested in my own personal education.

You might think that I invested some substantial amount of money or that my startup costs were out of control. That’s not true at all. I actually started for free to learn and understand the basics. You can do the same thing.

Through Wealthy Affiliate’s many different video courses, step by step Affiliate Bootcamp and Certification Courses, I have been able to successfully develop multiple online business generating consistent monthly revenue. Can you imagine making $100 extra dollars a month for a side hustle? What about $10,000?

Anything is possible if you follow this education course, do your due diligence, and commit your extra time in a week to really developing your online marketing skills. Wealthy Affiliate covers everything you need to know from buying a domain, to PPC advertisements and converting sales.

The best part about the entire self education program is that you can easily choose how quickly you want to move through the coursework. If you are a dedicated, motivated individual and you are willing to put in the work to educated yourself there is absolutely no reason you cannot be posting your own testimonials just like this one in under a year.

So how much do you need to invest in this personal education?

Absolutely nothing to start. You can learn all you need to found a website, register a free domain, and start writing content right now.

Once you get rolling, you can then branch into the premium area of Wealthy Affiliate where you will get additional access that allows you to learn and understand fully the affiliate side of things. Check out the membership options below:

Kyle and Carson, the founders of WA, are extremely helpful, constantly offering trainings and updates to their older trainings to stay consistent with the current affiliate market.

People within the community offer free advice as fast as you can ask for it.

The founders at WA have a proven track record and have managed to build their affiliate platform to over 800,000 users. Even if you don’t believe what I’ve outlined here, check out what they’ve done over at WA for yourself.

How long will it take to pay you back?

This is 100% dependent upon your level of dedication and work ethic. Many people can go 6 months to 1 year without really writing content and building an authority site. These are the people that will not generate revenue over that period of time.

Then there are people who will author quality, creative content over their first 6 months to 1 year and they will see results. Results may differ drastically, but if you follow the trainings and continue to educate yourself you will easily be able to earn a steady income from affiliate marketing. All from the comfort of your home on your laptop.

I invested in the yearly premium membership for $359 after just two months of paying $49. This saved me 39% over the course of the year.

My initial total investment was $457 and I have been paid back thirty times over in just over a year and a half ($13,710). You can easily make the same happen with the right amount of time and effort.

So you’re not convinced about the WA platform because maybe you don’t really understand what it is you will learn. Well let’s outline that:

What will you learn?

  • You’ll learn how to setup a domain and start a website
  • You’ll learn how to choose a niche market
  • You’ll learn how to find sources for affiliate marketing
  • You’ll learn what products sell, and what products don’t
  • You’ll learn how to market these products, and your website on social media
  • You’ll learn how to become an authority site on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and any other search engines that may exist
  • You’ll learn how PPC advertisement works, Google AdWords, Analytics
  • You’ll learn how to find high commission opportunities
  • You’ll learn how to market Wealthy Affiliate
  • You’ll learn what the most dominant affiliate marketers on the internet are doing to be successful

Just how much can affiliate marketers make?

Well, don’t just take it from me and the income I have generated thus far. Check out what some other affiliate marketers have been able to make happen with Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. ericcantu
  2. Joph
  3. dougbeney
  4. Hari S Nair
  5. And a more unconventional JoyNelson selling her own product.

If you’re still not convinced, I highly suggest signing up for free, giving it a shot, and learning more about the community on your own. If then you aren’t interested, come back here and let me know why. But I am confident you will love WA just as much as I do.

Have your own experience with Wealthy Affiliate? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below! Any additional questions? Feel free to leave those in the comments as well and I will personally respond.

One last note… you should never be required to pay for a product you market!

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018: My One Year Anniversary

Last year, in 2017, I realized that my day job would not fulfill my dreams of living financially free in my mid-20’s. I immediately started seeking out opportunities to create additional income in my spare time.

I poured over hundreds of sites promising a wide variety of “Get Rich Quick” schemes.

I went through every “Real-Estate Flipping Guru” on the internet.

I did the “Free-Entry Course” of every MLM Marketing scam on the internet.

I purchased three different social media marketing courses before I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate.

When I finally discovered this opportunity, it changed my life.

I no longer have to struggle to earn an online, supplemental income and you shouldn’t either.

At first, I saw Wealthy Affiliate as an opportunity to make a few bucks doing what I enjoyed, helping others gather knowledge. After one year, I have changed my mind completely. Here is my updated review:

Wealthy Affiliate in 2018

The internet is an ever-changing environment. Only about 50% of the world currently has internet access and that statistic includes those who have minimal E and 3G networks. Imagine the opportunity if even 75% of the world had a functioning 4G LTE Network. If ever you doubted the capabilities of the online marketplace, 2018 is the year you leave those doubts behind.

There are countless ways to fire up your own website. I have written about quite a few of them in some of my articles over the last year. However, what if I told you that there was one package that included everything you need to start making anywhere from $500-$50,000 per month online?

The good news is that this one stop shop actually exists.

The better news? It’s free.

Part 1: Comprehensive Online University

I want to first discuss the pillars of Wealthy Affiliate and what this platform has to offer.

The first, and probably the most important piece of your newfound Wealthy Affiliate membership will be the comprehensive online university that Wealthy Affiliate offers.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Certification Courses (shown below) can teach you everything you need to know about building a successful online business.

It doesn’t matter if that business stems from affiliate marketing, niche marketing, advertisement, or brick and mortar sales directly fueled by your online presence.

Wealthy Affiliate supplies the knowledge you need to take on any online endeavor utilizing Kyle and Carson’s successful strategies.

Each course then contains individual broken out lessons focusing on one key topic that will help you develop your website into a source of income in as little as a couple weeks.

This coursework is unlike any other I’ve experienced. As I sat through many hours of video courses explaining to me social media and web marketing I quickly realized that the people behind the videos were only in it for the revenue they were creating through people like you and I, knowledge seekers.

Their lackluster efforts are what made Wealthy Affiliate stand out to me. The passion that Kyle, Carson, and the rest of the Wealthy Affiliate community exude is infectious. There is no education system online that can motivate in the same manner.

This brings me to the second most important piece of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Part 2: Motivational and Helpful Community

As I mentioned previously, Wealthy Affiliate has a boisterous community of people who started in the same position as you and I. They have gone through the countless hours of Wealthy Affiliate coursework and have managed to build successful websites of their own.

These people dedicate their time and resources to helping others within the community reach their goals as well.
You will never have a question go unanswered, as these questions become top priority waiting for someone to reach out. The Live Chat section of the platform is active 24/7 and there are always helpful individuals willing and able to answer your questions.

If you become knowledgeable in a subject and you choose to help others in need, you can easily create your own content through blogs and trainings and even earn yourself ambassador status.

I have yet to find a better community online via social media or paid subscription that offers even a similar level of support that Wealthy Affiliate offers you for free.

Now that you have all the knowledge you need to build a site at your fingertips, and a supportive community behind you, where will you host this new site of yours?

Part 3: Unmatched Web Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate hosts all of my unique domains. When you first sign up under a free account, they offer hosting through their platform allowing any SiteRubix domain name to be hosted for free.

This allows you to generate your own unique SiteRubix domain until you are generating a consistent revenue. You can then upgrade to their premium membership option and host up to 25 unique domains that you have chosen. This drops the .siterubix portion of your domain name and allows you to have a more professional, established looking website.

Website hosting is not strictly about the availability of domain names. Wealthy Affiliate offers multiple site tools that aid you along the path to success.

Wealthy Affiliate site speeds are in the top 1% of web page response times.

This is important because in order to see your website ranking at the top of the Google Search page you must have a quick website that is unfazed by large traffic volume. Wealthy Affiliate has this covered.

This platform also covers making your site secure for those browsing the internet. This allows you to be considered a safe zone by search engines and helps you rank better and in turn gain more site visits.

In addition to lightning fast site speed and top notch security, Wealthy Affiliate allows you to enable SEO optimization packages that help Google and other search engines crawl your webpage effectively.

This makes sure that all of your pages become indexed (a concept you can learn more about here).

I know you are probably wondering what happens when you run into technical difficulties. Believe me, running an online business is not a walk in the park when modern technology gets involved.

Well, fear not. Wealthy Affiliate’s support team is one of the best I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve had sites completely ripped from before after installing critical updates both before I hosted on Wealthy Affiliate and after.

Experience before Wealthy Affiliate SiteSupport:

My site was completely erased after a critical WordPress update. All of my hard work from multiple years of content creation was swept from my site, and I had no way of restoring that information.

Luckily, I had backed up my site to my desktop two years prior. However, all the content I had generated in those two years since the backup was lost.

This was a terrible day for me.

The consequences were grave.

I was forced to rewrite as much content as I could. However, some of these pages were top ranking Google pages that generated traffic and revenue.

The result? Considerably less revenue for a minimum of 6 months while I rebuilt my site from it’s early framework. I lost thousands of dollars in a matter of minutes.

Experience after Wealthy Affiliate SiteSupport:

I installed a generic plug-in update that was corrupt. It erased all the posts that I had incorporated social sharing buttons on (a large majority of them).

At first I remembered what happened my first time that content was lost and expected to see greatly reduced revenue.

However, I immediately thought to contact SiteSupport.

SiteSupport at Wealthy Affiliate responded in a little under 3 hours stating that they had fully restored my website to its previous state before the update was installed. I lost no content, all my search engine rankings remained intact, and the result was no lost revenue.

Without Wealthy Affiliate I could have lost thousands. I am forever grateful that I did not have to experience a terrible site loss like this once again.

If you choose Wealthy Affiliate, you can also be confident that you will not have any issues when it comes to SiteSupport.

Part 4: Affiliate Commissions

The last pillar of Wealthy Affiliate would be its excellent commission structures for Affiliate referrals.

No other well established internet marketing university, community, and hosting platform offers the lucrative income generating opportunity that Wealthy Affiliate does.

In addition, if you refer 300 or more people in one year, you can join the rest of the top affiliates in the community in Las Vegas for an all expenses paid vacation and conference.

Here you will learn more creative strategies and discuss with others how you can continue to scale your affiliate marketing site.

If you want to learn more about Affiliate Marketing you can read up on how to monetize your website here.


You are probably wondering at this point what this Free Membership looks like, what your options are, and how you sign up and give it a try.

I encourage you to take a look at the Membership Options outlined below.

Now that you have seen what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer you, click on the banner at the bottom of the page and sign up for at least a free account.

If you love Wealthy Affiliate, or if you hate it, drop me a line in the comments at the bottom of this page and I will personally respond.

As I said before, my purpose when I started all of this last year was to help ordinary folks like you and I generate enough secondary income to allow full financial freedom at any age.

I am turning 25 soon.

I have traveled the world.

I work from wherever I please, and if I didn’t love innovating, research, and development, I would likely quit my day job.

Join me at Wealthy Affiliate and share the amazing opportunity that thousands around the world have been given. You’re next.

How To Make Money From Home: Affiliate Marketing

These days there are all sorts of scams online promoting ways to get rich quick or make money in five minutes for doing absolutely nothing. The harsh reality is that this isn’t possible, and anyone promising you millions in a month is probably lying to your face.

If you want to learn how to build a legitimate online business and understand how to make money from home, you need to learn more information about a real option. An option that I have utilized myself, and utilized quite well to be seeing the results I am.

This option takes time and hard work. You have to learn as much as possible about a subject, write about that subject, and eventually sell that subject. There will be many grueling hours that you put in before you see a return.

However, you can start Affiliate Marketing for free if you find the right sites. You essentially are making money for telling people about the things you love to do, which is the best kind of money to be made.

In addition, you can eventually work all over the world while traveling almost full time. This isn’t to be confused with the promotion of quitting your day job right this minute. You have to pay your dues and be a motivated individual to succeed in the online market place, but there are great tools out there to help you.

If you want to get started making money from home keep reading because I’m going to explain to you exactly how I’ve done it.

What Does It Take To Break Into Affiliate Marketing?

All you really need is an affiliate link. Ideally you will set up your own website which can easily be done with free domain generating websites or tools like the one below.

After you have created your own unique domain name, you now have a platform to market products. The next step is to find somewhere to host the back end of your site and manage posts, pages, comments, etc. There are multiple sites that do this for free including WordPress and Wealthy Affiliate.

Ideally you will not start right out of the gate marketing products as you have to gain credibility within the search engines before you can head down this road.

This is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is extremely important because it allows you to rank in search engines. This means that your pages will be seen straight away when users perform searches, and you will see more traffics and clicks to your website.

Once you have begun to write about the things you enjoy, you will soon realize that there are millions of products and programs out there that relate to your topic. I generally suggest targeting something narrow. More information on targeting a specific niche can be found here.

After you streamline the possible products that you can market, find a site or program that allows for affiliate marketers. Generally this means that they will assign a specific link that tracks the referrals that you send to their product page. If sales are generating when people click through your link then you receive a commission.

Commissions can range from 4% or so all the way up to 75% for some programs and my favorite affiliate programs can be found here. With the internet growing at an extremely rapid pace and only 47% of the worlds 6.4 Billion people currently on the internet, the only place this market can move is forward.

The last thing it takes to start your own affiliate marketing endeavor is dedication. You can’t slack off after 2 months of working on building this platform. You have to understand that hard work over time is rewarded substantially with results.

Why Is This The Best Program For Working At Home?

Affiliate Marketing is hands down the best route I’ve found for working at home. There are many different ways to work from home at this point including doing marketing and sales for big corporations like Xerox. Freelance writing and graphic designing, as well as drop shipping and customer service have become common work at home industries also.

There are also MLM options out there where you can buy a product at wholesale prices and then market it and sell it to your friends or people within your local market. This usually ends up in a ton of product sitting in your garage never moving because people know better than to buy the crappy products that MLMs push.

I am convinced that these aren’t as sustainable long term as the market changes frequently in these industries. As these markets change it is harder to adapt than adapting your niche website to what’s popular at the time. If you were to write a how to get rich instantly blog, that would probably be popular right now and adaptable since everyone is trying to break into the online marketplace over night. However, there are proper steps you have to take to become a successful affiliate.

When you are starting out affiliate marketing you need some sort of self learning opportunity than can help guide you on your way. I have talked about Wealthy Affiliate pretty extensively because this platform provides you a great community to learn about affiliate marketing and figure out just what works and what does not.

I would say that Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate program on the market because of their generous commissions (~50%) as well as the quality education on affiliate marketing that they provide you.

In addition you will have up to 25 custom domains hosted with a premium membership. Wealthy Affiliate is also selling a legitimate product against the scammers out there that force you into buying some outrageous traffic generator that generates artificial traffic through your site instead of learning how to create real sales organically.

So now you have a work at home platform where all you need is the internet, a bit of savvy when it comes to being a convincing writer, and dedication to whatever it is you are working on. There is a very real possibility of you making a full time living with affiliate marketing.

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