Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017: My Honest Opinion

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Product: Wealthy Affiliate

Rank: 4.8/5.0 Stars

Price: $0 with standard starter membership, $49 monthly for Premium

Owners: Kyle & Carson


What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online digital marketing program and community. Within Wealthy Affiliate you have the ability to learn everything there is to know about online marketing. Wealthy Affiliate provides domain hosting and website setup as well as instructional courses on the development of a website or scaling of a successful online business. They have since become the most reputable online marketing training system and affiliate program in this field.

Their community is supported by over one hundred thousand members and is filled with individuals who interact regularly in order to create a very genuine, helpful experience. There are discussion threads, comment sections, and live chat threads that allow you to receive all the help you need almost immediately relating to any topic about online business.



  • Access to online marketing experts 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Access to a wide variety training courses on any topic imaginable
  • Access to discussion threads with consistent interaction
  • 2 FREE hosted domains with SiteRubix
  • Up to 50 unique domains hosted for Premium Members
  • Absolutely FREE access to initial training courses and community members
  • Affiliate program option with commission based income
  • No HTML/CSS/Java programming knowledge necessary
  • Kyle and Carson (owners) will personally help you with hiccups


  • Can be slightly overwhelming until you understand things
  • The site is a little bit busy when everyone is on so Live Chat may not be immediate response
  • Only Premium Members receive unlimited access to the affiliate marketing bootcamp course (which is extremely beneficial to your success)
  • 2 FREE website have a DOMAINNAME.siterubix.com rather than your custom domain name

Who should use Wealthy Affiliate?

Any individual looking for advice on how to create an online business, how to make money online, how to grow or scale a business online, or how to become an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing applies to Amazon and many other sites as well.

Individuals who want to learn, become part of a tight knit, helpful community are those who really flourish within Wealthy Affiliate. Through Wealthy Affiliates extremely comprehensive online course work the program reduces your online learning curve substantially.

Those with goals of creating passive income online, or creating secondary forms of income in general would be interested in Wealthy Affiliate.

Anyone with a drive or passion towards success in an online marketplace.

Training & Tools Offered:

  • Comprehensive online introductory entrepreneur coursework.
  • Affiliate bootcamp
  • Unlimited access to classrooms specifically related to a wide variety digital marketing topics
  • 2 FREE domains hosted through SiteRubix
  • 50 unique/personal domains hosted through SiteRubix (example, this site)
  • Integrated site builder for ease of website design (No code required)
  • A large variety of themes to choose from for websites in addition to direct instructions on how to build your site
  • Traffic generating instructions
  • Statistics trackers

Support System:

Wealthy Affiliate is home to a very supportive community of entrepreneurs with tons of experience and insight to offer. People who use the Wealthy Affiliate site range from new internet marketers to some of the most seasoned veterans out there, the reason? Quality.

Many within the Wealthy Affiliate network are generating thousands of dollars of passive income a month and they will explain to you exactly how they got there, how long they have to work to make money in online digital marketing, and the amount of time and effort it takes to be successful.

Mentorship is also directly available through the sites owners Kyle and Carson who are long time pioneers in the field and show you exactly how to be successful in this market.


Absolutely free. No credit card down as I’ve seen on many websites planning to scam you out of your hard earned cash. You can sign up risk free and get access to all of the free content you wish.

$49 monthly for premium allowing access to the affiliate bootcamp, double commissions, and extended trainings in particular areas regarding affiliate marketing specifically. This along with the 50 unique domains hosted makes this an unbeatable value.

Closing Thoughts:

Why would you not try out Wealthy Affiliate? It’s free, you gain access to an unfathomable amount of educational resources, you have a supportive community surrounding you. Digital marketing is easy to learn with this system and your bases are covered A to Z. Personally, I don’t think you’ll find a better deal out there for all the access you receive with Wealthy Affiliate.

I encourage you to at least check it out and form your own ideas!

Click the photo above and sign up for FREE. Don’t forget to drop a comment below and let me know how you feel about Wealthy Affiliate. If this product has worked out for you, or not worked out for you I’d love to hear what you think.


If you sign up for a Premium Membership within your first 7 days you will have access to me as your personal coach via Skype and Private Message through Wealthy Affiliate.

In addition, your affiliate bonuses will increase immediately by 100%!

What are you waiting for?! Click the photo above or the banner on the side of this page or jump directly to my profile here.

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16 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017: My Honest Opinion”

  1. I really liked your review about Wealthy Affiliate, I hope that they are real as you described them to be and really hope they can help me succeed online, I’ve been looking everywhere for a decent place to start! Internet is full of scammers and cheaters nowadays, and they are only trying to steal your money.

    Your Wealthy review really gives me hope that there is REAL opportunity to succeed online. Even the price seems fair. I will definitely check out this program, but at the very least try the Free membership, that is just awesome!


  2. Wealthy Affiliate has a really great training, I love it, I am a member of three months and I am learning so much from their great training.

    Everything you said about WA is true.

    Thanks for sharing this review! 🙂

  3. Great review! Wealthy Affiliate is absolute the Best! They have helped me in every step 9f the way in creating my online business. Thank you Wealthy Affiliate!

    Thanks for the wonderful review.

  4. April, thanks for the kind words. Glad you are really getting everything you can out of Wealthy Affiliate. Hopefully your business is growing just as you had hoped.


  5. Love your site ! great information and content ,especially in the way you lead up to joining WA.
    I can relate to the old Toyota ( I have one that is still going fine of over 20 years !) and the living below your means, although don`t think I `ve the time left to be a millionaire ! lol live in hopes .

    1. Angieina,

      You have plenty of time left to make the millions! Honestly if you stick to what you’re doing now and really focus on your current path you will be way more successful than you can even anticipate right now.

      Thanks for stopping by… I’m glad you enjoyed the article and hopefully some of the other reads are just as interesting. Never get rid of that Toyota! They have the best resell value of any vehicle.


    1. Hi Robert,

      Glad it could clear some things up for you! If you have found Wealthy Affiliate you will most certainly find success soon after.

      Hopefully WA has already made a lasting impression on you and I know it will set you up with all the tools you may need to get started with your online business.

      Keep up the good work and stay dedicated my friend.


  6. hey Dalton thankyou for this informative information .I to am a member of WA and the info you provided gives me a even deeper dive into the tools they provide . How long have you been a member ? I will definitely be back to your website for some more of your helpful information on a lot of topics .thanx again .

    1. Hi Phillip!

      I’m glad that this post could be informative for you. I have been a member of WA for around 2 years now. It’s brought me a great deal of success in a very short amount of time. I’m glad you stumbled upon my site as well, feel free to click around a bit as I usually aim to provide a great deal of detail on the exact methods I have used to generate pretty solid/consistent profits from my online business efforts.

      It’s great to hear that you’ve found WA already. It really is the best platform and provides you with pretty much all of the information you might need to know about affiliate marketing and building a website from a more general standpoint.

      Keep your head down and keep writing! You’ll do great.


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