Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018: My One Year Anniversary

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Last year, in 2017, I realized that my day job would not fulfill my dreams of living financially free in my mid-20’s. I immediately started seeking out opportunities to create additional income in my spare time.

I poured over hundreds of sites promising a wide variety of “Get Rich Quick” schemes.

I went through every “Real-Estate Flipping Guru” on the internet.

I did the “Free-Entry Course” of every MLM Marketing scam on the internet.

I purchased three different social media marketing courses before I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate.

When I finally discovered this opportunity, it changed my life.

I no longer have to struggle to earn an online, supplemental income and you shouldn’t either.

At first, I saw Wealthy Affiliate as an opportunity to make a few bucks doing what I enjoyed, helping others gather knowledge. After one year, I have changed my mind completely. Here is my updated review:

Wealthy Affiliate in 2018

The internet is an ever-changing environment. Only about 50% of the world currently has internet access and that statistic includes those who have minimal E and 3G networks. Imagine the opportunity if even 75% of the world had a functioning 4G LTE Network. If ever you doubted the capabilities of the online marketplace, 2018 is the year you leave those doubts behind.

There are countless ways to fire up your own website. I have written about quite a few of them in some of my articles over the last year. However, what if I told you that there was one package that included everything you need to start making anywhere from $500-$50,000 per month online?

The good news is that this one stop shop actually exists.

The better news? It’s free.

Part 1: Comprehensive Online University

I want to first discuss the pillars of Wealthy Affiliate and what this platform has to offer.

The first, and probably the most important piece of your newfound Wealthy Affiliate membership will be the comprehensive online university that Wealthy Affiliate offers.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Certification Courses (shown below) can teach you everything you need to know about building a successful online business.

It doesn’t matter if that business stems from affiliate marketing, niche marketing, advertisement, or brick and mortar sales directly fueled by your online presence.

Wealthy Affiliate supplies the knowledge you need to take on any online endeavor utilizing Kyle and Carson’s successful strategies.

Each course then contains individual broken out lessons focusing on one key topic that will help you develop your website into a source of income in as little as a couple weeks.

This coursework is unlike any other I’ve experienced. As I sat through many hours of video courses explaining to me social media and web marketing I quickly realized that the people behind the videos were only in it for the revenue they were creating through people like you and I, knowledge seekers.

Their lackluster efforts are what made Wealthy Affiliate stand out to me. The passion that Kyle, Carson, and the rest of the Wealthy Affiliate community exude is infectious. There is no education system online that can motivate in the same manner.

This brings me to the second most important piece of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Part 2: Motivational and Helpful Community

As I mentioned previously, Wealthy Affiliate has a boisterous community of people who started in the same position as you and I. They have gone through the countless hours of Wealthy Affiliate coursework and have managed to build successful websites of their own.

These people dedicate their time and resources to helping others within the community reach their goals as well.
You will never have a question go unanswered, as these questions become top priority waiting for someone to reach out. The Live Chat section of the platform is active 24/7 and there are always helpful individuals willing and able to answer your questions.

If you become knowledgeable in a subject and you choose to help others in need, you can easily create your own content through blogs and trainings and even earn yourself ambassador status.

I have yet to find a better community online via social media or paid subscription that offers even a similar level of support that Wealthy Affiliate offers you for free.

Now that you have all the knowledge you need to build a site at your fingertips, and a supportive community behind you, where will you host this new site of yours?

Part 3: Unmatched Web Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate hosts all of my unique domains. When you first sign up under a free account, they offer hosting through their platform allowing any SiteRubix domain name to be hosted for free.

This allows you to generate your own unique SiteRubix domain until you are generating a consistent revenue. You can then upgrade to their premium membership option and host up to 25 unique domains that you have chosen. This drops the .siterubix portion of your domain name and allows you to have a more professional, established looking website.

Website hosting is not strictly about the availability of domain names. Wealthy Affiliate offers multiple site tools that aid you along the path to success.

Wealthy Affiliate site speeds are in the top 1% of web page response times.

This is important because in order to see your website ranking at the top of the Google Search page you must have a quick website that is unfazed by large traffic volume. Wealthy Affiliate has this covered.

This platform also covers making your site secure for those browsing the internet. This allows you to be considered a safe zone by search engines and helps you rank better and in turn gain more site visits.

In addition to lightning fast site speed and top notch security, Wealthy Affiliate allows you to enable SEO optimization packages that help Google and other search engines crawl your webpage effectively.

This makes sure that all of your pages become indexed (a concept you can learn more about here).

I know you are probably wondering what happens when you run into technical difficulties. Believe me, running an online business is not a walk in the park when modern technology gets involved.

Well, fear not. Wealthy Affiliate’s support team is one of the best I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve had sites completely ripped from before after installing critical updates both before I hosted on Wealthy Affiliate and after.

Experience before Wealthy Affiliate SiteSupport:

My site was completely erased after a critical WordPress update. All of my hard work from multiple years of content creation was swept from my site, and I had no way of restoring that information.

Luckily, I had backed up my site to my desktop two years prior. However, all the content I had generated in those two years since the backup was lost.

This was a terrible day for me.

The consequences were grave.

I was forced to rewrite as much content as I could. However, some of these pages were top ranking Google pages that generated traffic and revenue.

The result? Considerably less revenue for a minimum of 6 months while I rebuilt my site from it’s early framework. I lost thousands of dollars in a matter of minutes.

Experience after Wealthy Affiliate SiteSupport:

I installed a generic plug-in update that was corrupt. It erased all the posts that I had incorporated social sharing buttons on (a large majority of them).

At first I remembered what happened my first time that content was lost and expected to see greatly reduced revenue.

However, I immediately thought to contact SiteSupport.

SiteSupport at Wealthy Affiliate responded in a little under 3 hours stating that they had fully restored my website to its previous state before the update was installed. I lost no content, all my search engine rankings remained intact, and the result was no lost revenue.

Without Wealthy Affiliate I could have lost thousands. I am forever grateful that I did not have to experience a terrible site loss like this once again.

If you choose Wealthy Affiliate, you can also be confident that you will not have any issues when it comes to SiteSupport.

Part 4: Affiliate Commissions

The last pillar of Wealthy Affiliate would be its excellent commission structures for Affiliate referrals.

No other well established internet marketing university, community, and hosting platform offers the lucrative income generating opportunity that Wealthy Affiliate does.

In addition, if you refer 300 or more people in one year, you can join the rest of the top affiliates in the community in Las Vegas for an all expenses paid vacation and conference.

Here you will learn more creative strategies and discuss with others how you can continue to scale your affiliate marketing site.

If you want to learn more about Affiliate Marketing you can read up on how to monetize your website here.


You are probably wondering at this point what this Free Membership looks like, what your options are, and how you sign up and give it a try.

I encourage you to take a look at the Membership Options outlined below.

Now that you have seen what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer you, click on the banner at the bottom of the page and sign up for at least a free account.

If you love Wealthy Affiliate, or if you hate it, drop me a line in the comments at the bottom of this page and I will personally respond.

As I said before, my purpose when I started all of this last year was to help ordinary folks like you and I generate enough secondary income to allow full financial freedom at any age.

I am turning 25 soon.

I have traveled the world.

I work from wherever I please, and if I didn’t love innovating, research, and development, I would likely quit my day job.

Join me at Wealthy Affiliate and share the amazing opportunity that thousands around the world have been given. You’re next.

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9 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018: My One Year Anniversary”

    1. Hey Thomas,

      Thanks for stopping in and dropping a comment. I would definitely agree! WA is a great place to start and even supports you once you are up and fully operational quite well.


  1. Thank you for your sharing.
    It’s helpful for people who would like to build a successful website.
    Do I need to be a premium member or a starter for website building?

    1. Hi Eli,

      Thanks for commenting. Glad you enjoyed the article and gained something from reading. Hopefully you are well on your way to building your very own successful website with WA.

      You can start out as a free member and build a website with a .siterubix domain. That usually helps get you started and start generating some revenue and then I would suggest upgrading to Premium to really experience all that WA has to offer. It increases your commission for referring folks too!


  2. Very motivating post! I was extremely fortunate to stumble upon Wealthy Affiliate 4 months ago. I was wondering how many months did it take for you to get traffic when you first started out with your first website? Thank you

    1. Hi Colleen,

      Glad this motivated you! That’s one of my primary goals here so it’s nice to hear when I’m accomplishing that goal effectively. I would say you need to put in a minimum of 6 solid months of consistent content writing to see natural results. However, I saw traffic as soon as I fired up the site due to social media sharing and advertising campaigns.

      It was a little bit slower going for me at first because I was managing many different sites at the same time. This makes it tougher to write content regularly. Once you get rolling, however, and get focused on one or two sites, you’ll start to see much better results.


  3. Hi, I loved reading this article! I am a current member of Wealthy Affiliate. I just started like less than 2 months ago. I love WA. I struggled online before, I came across WA. The community of people are so helpful that it is kind of shocking.

    I have never seen no community in history help each other out as much as they do in Wealthy Affiliate. I am so glad that I did join WA. After, I was skeptical because, I joined many programs before, and there was always a catch but, because WA was free to join I decided to take a risk.

    When I joined I was really shocked as how the training was laid out and how much information was in the community. Today as a newbie I can say I am finally starting to learn how making money on the internet is possible. I made my first commission checks shortly after I joined the WA community.

    All you must do is follow the action based step by step training and success should follow. I would highly suggest WA to anyone. I agree with this post, it is the complete truth.

    Thank you for sharing this post as it has inspired me. Have an awesome day!

    1. Hello Lakisha!

      Thanks for the comment. Awesome to hear that a fellow WA member stumbled upon this post. It’s great to hear that you’ve found the community as welcoming and helpful as I do. It really helps to have consistent encouragement when first beginning and revenue may be weak or non-existent.

      I feel your pain, there is always a catch. I joined multiple programs that would always tack on more and more cost, eventually they just nickel and dime you into a few hundred dollars a month, which is really not affordable when first starting. Even once you get rolling and start bringing in a few thousand dollars a month, it’s not worth the profit cuts that you take paying for these scammers systems!

      Congrats on the commission checks! That’s a huge first milestone. It’s crazy to see that actually happen and your hard work pay off. Keep it up, you sound like you’re on a path to success at WA.

      Take care!

  4. I wish I had as much knowledge you have when I was 25!
    I just joined WA not a month ago and am really impressed with the training and support. It is helping me get my site up properly from the beginning. Much success to you, Dalton.

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