Everyone Wants To Get Rich Now

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These days everyone wants to get rich now. Well, here’s the deal… Unless you hit the lottery (the odds in winning are about 1 in 14,000,000) then you probably are going to have to work your ass off to get rich.

Bam, there’s the truth. This lifestyle will not come easy and you will have to spend countless hours grinding away. Whether you do it online or through some sort of brick and mortar business or through inspiring others to pursue their full potential…whatever your methodology is…you will have to WORK.

18 Hour Days

A large majority of people think that there’s some secret formula. Those people are also the same people that think one resource is going to make it happen for them. Guess what… That’s not how it goes down.

I want to level with you right now. The reason that I’ve become successful over the years and have been able to build a fully functional, revenue generating online business is because I work 18 hour days.

There you have it. If 18 hours doesn’t sound doable then I encourage you to become comfortable with where you are at in life right now because you will stay there. However, if you are motivated and you can push yourself to grind every day for 18 hours then keep reading.

What do 18 hour days encompass?

Waking up at absurd hours. I sometimes wake up at 4:00am to make coffee, shower, and prepare to get my business operating. That and the stock market opens at 6:30am.

The necessary research has to be done so that I can appropriately judge the market at the opening bell. Check out my Penny Stocking series to learn more about how I generate an income trading Penny Stocks in the morning.

Overwhelming Positivity. You won’t truly understand how grueling long hours like this are until you experience an 18 hour work day. I’m not talking about a day where you mess around for half of those hours on social media or watching television.

I’m talking about a real 18-hour work day. Non-stop hustling. Well, you need an insanely positive attitude, and you need to understand that success WILL COME if you just keep pushing forward. This positive outlook will save you from quitting at the starting line.

Failure. Have you ever worked an 18 hour day on something, thought it was perfect, and received zero engagement on whatever project this was? I have. Guess what… It’s not exciting whatsoever.

I want to tell you that you will fail. I’m being up front because not everything is perfect, and expecting everything to be perfect is just setting you up to quit the first time something doesn’t go your way.

Leverage Every Resource You Can Find

The average millionaire has a minimum of 7 incomes. That might sound like a lot but lets break some of mine down right here.

  1. Affiliate Marketing– Wealthy Affiliate provides me with a beautiful platform for building an online business. It allows me to create and host websites in addition to receiving commissions for sending others to learn all the secrets to affiliate marketing that I have.
  2. Penny Stock Trading– Profit.ly and specifically Timothy Sykes has taught me insane amounts of information that I never would have imagined. I couldn’t have pictured myself understanding and trading the market every single day for the last two years, and doing it successfully without this guy.
  3. Real Estate– Did you know that you can actually buy and sell houses without using any of your own money? It sounds insane, but there are tons of systems out there that are creating millionaires every day. I use Nick Ruiz’s unique system.
  4. Instagram– Selling shoutouts and advertisement space on Instagram has become one of the most popular ways to create a passive income in the last two years. Want to check out my progress with my most recent endeavor? Follow @incite.wealth. Who knows maybe it will inspire you to start doing this as well.
  5. Web Advertisement– All of my successful websites have received requests for advertisement. In addition, I have installed Google’s Adsense on these sites. This leads to around $0.48 on average per click. That doesn’t seem like a lot but when your traffic chart is showing 2000 clicks/day…well…you do the math.
  6. My Day Job- Everyone talks about becoming loaded and quitting. Well that’s not me. I absolutely love my day job, I get to be creative, innovative, and still have a great work life balance so I can come home and blast through managing all of my other sources of income.
  7. My Own Community- I’m working on building a community as I write this. I am building an empire of millionaires, innovators, and successful or driven individuals. Think you have what it takes? Email me or leave a comment and I’ll show you where to apply.

Learn From Those Who Have Done It

Your best resource are those around you that have created their own success. They have no special talents that you lack, they have put in the hard work and it has rewarded them tremendously.

They say that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Look at your life right now, think about the people you spend the most time with. Are these the people that are pushing you towards your goals? Are they holding you back or hating on your drive for success? Get rid of the toxicity in your life.

There are tons of people out there building networks of successful people. I encourage you to join these networks. Not just one of them, but as many as you can. This is where you will see results.

The very popular Gary Vaynerchuk recently threw this quote out there…”Eat shit for 24 months & eat caviar for the rest of your life.” I absolutely love this quote. You will have to put in your time. It doesn’t happen now. You won’t be getting rich with some get rich quick scheme.

Maybe two years seems quick to you, but to me it seems slow. I say get rich slow. Get down and dirty. Get drug through the mud. Learn what it’s like to have to hustle every single day for two years. It WILL BE WORTH IT when you become financially free.

I hope this has inspired you not to get rich now, but to get rich as soon as you realistically can, by putting in as much work as you can and staying focused with your eyes on the prize. Here’s a picture of a yacht for motivation reasons.

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