How To Make 60K a Year

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I want to tell you about a program I recently stumbled upon that will teach you exactly how to earn yourself a $60k/year job with zero college experience.

This is a self taught program called In Demand Career Guide, and I’m telling you this is information you need to reach your financial freedom goals.

I turned one of my friends on to this system and now he is knocking down around $63k/year after a year and a half of working in digital marketing without a college degree.

I’ve always been a believer that you must start out with a good foundation in order to become successful in the future. This is why I refuse to quit my day job even after seeing insane success as a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

What is In Demand Career Guide?

In Demand Career Guide is essentially an online guide to learning exactly what you need to know to bust into the field of digital marketing. You can learn everything from keyword optimization, to SEO, to SMM, and more.

If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about with any of the above, even more reason for you to head over to their site and check this out.

A Few Major Things You Will Learn:

  • You will learn in detail all about the field of Digital Marketing. There have been 100,000s of jobs created in this field over the last few years, and it is ever growing with the increase of demand for technology.
  • You will learn about high paying jobs that no one even knows are out there. These are truly the hidden gems of the industry, and you will have the exclusive opportunity to learn about these jobs.
  • You will learn the real life digital marketing skills that employers need right now. This is a hot market, and will be around for quite some time. These skills taught by In Demand Career Guide are not just skills that will fade, and they aren’t skills that you will pick up from a university.
  • You can learn how to build your experience level prior to applying for jobs. With the job market these days, everyone asks for years of experience before you can snag a job.

This is generally a problem for people trying to get employed because they aren’t sure how to get the experience they need. Well In Demand Career Guide will teach you exactly how to build your resume and experience prior to applying for your first $60k job.

The In Demand Career Guide Philosophy:

High Demand for Skills+Low Supply = Easy Entry/High Pay

This equation is fool proof supply and demand. There have been many industries in the past that become new industries, this is one of them. Digital Marketing has not been around long enough to have built the sort of interest employers need from jobseekers.

With technological advancements and more and more start ups coming online, we are seeing more demand than ever for practical digital marketing skills.

Since there is such a low supply of digital marketers out there right now, finding a job in this field is much easier than a large majority of other jobs.

If I haven’t said enough already, head over to In Demand Career Guide right now and listen to what Seth has to say about it. He is walking, talking proof that the system works. He put the entire training together and will walk you through the lessons one by one.

His video explains exactly how he went from making next to nothing as an unemployed film major, to landing a job making over $100k per year just a short 3 years.

You can spend your next 3 years flipping burgers and going to college, or you can throw your entrepreneurial spirit at In Demand Career Guide and become self-taught.



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