The Best Business Books For 2019

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There are thousands of books out there that cover a wide variety of topics on business. Some of the top books I have seen in recent years dive into topics like creating passive income online, building a business with no money, e-books on establishing a social presence, effective management skills, and the more general how to succeed in business.

While all of these topics are great topics to learn, do you really need a book to explore all that field has to offer? Not really.

I went on a search recently to discover the best business books for 2019.

I have read quite a few books preparing for this article. However, it was easy to narrow my top choices down to 5 key books that have helped me achieve success.

Many of my readers already know that much of my success comes from a long and grueling education in engineering coupled with an endless thirst for knowledge. This thirst for knowledge is what led me to Wealthy Affiliate in 2017 and has since driven me to become a successful affiliate marketer amongst other things.

The key to your reading is that you have to have a goal when tackling a new book.

Is the book related to a broader topic that you are interested in?

Are you seeking knowledge of a particular business law, tax reform, real estate, affiliate marketing, management?

Whatever you are planning to pursue, make certain that the book you choose aligns with your business goals.

Based on my goals, I have put together a list of my favorite tried and true business books that have helped me traverse the ever changing landscape of business, personal and corporate finance, and management of assets.

You may not have the exact same goals as I do. Maybe you’re in a completely different market. However, I know that the 5 books outlined below will help anyone in almost any market by providing them with fundamental, basic knowledge needed to generate revenue.

The Top 5 Business Books of 2019

#1: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

I know that almost all of you have heard of this book. Everyone that has read it touts its ability to make you think differently and the concepts outlined in the book really take you on a journey and will alter your thought process about personal finance, what it takes to make it in this world, and why you need to be a business minded individual.

Robert Kiyosaki originally wrote this book in the 90s. However, all of the principles outlined in the book still hold true in 2019. If you are looking to get a good start in business, adjust your mindset to be a business focused mindset, and need some inspiration to start, this is the single best book to start with.

Robert discusses the difference between living paycheck to paycheck, and becoming the person who furnishes the paycheck. He discusses his real dad, and his rich dad’s ideals, takes the best of both worlds, and combines them into a spectacular discussion that teaches you lesson upon lesson throughout.

When it comes to making points, this book does just that over and over again. That’s precisely why this book tops my list of best business books for 2019.

#2: Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefevre

If you are interested in business in general, you are likely interested in how to grow the money you gain from this business. Many like you and I have and will put your cash into the stock market at some point in time.

History always repeats itself. Those who ignore history often have history happen to them. The stock market is no different. If you look back at all the recessions and depressions of the past, there were key indicators that could have saved investors losing a large portion of their portfolio.

This book, although first published in 1923 is actually the most highly recommended investment book ever. There are years and years of experience packed into one 275 page book that discusses speculation, crowd psychology, market panic, greed, and vox populi (the opinion of the masses).

All you need to know about the way people think is in this book. Knowing and understanding the psychological drivers behind market fluctuations can make or break your stock portfolio. That is exactly why this book ranks on my top 6 business books for the new year.

#3: Trump: The Art of the Deal by Donald J. Trump with Tony Schwartz

I will try and stay out of the political debate on this one. The book was written much prior to Donald Trump becoming the most recent president of the United States of America.

While Trump may have developed an unpopular reputation with much of the population, there is no doubting the fact that his successes in business exist.

Many argue against his successes in business when they allude to the multiple Chapter 11 bankruptcies his corporations have filed. However, this book tackles strictly some of the most influential deals made in corporate history.

Trump outlines himself, his business, and how he runs each in this spectacular book on closing deals and the steps taken to make them happen. Trump has eleven guidelines for success that he shares with readers in this classic.

While Trump may be unpopular, he makes a ton of money, it’s always worth hearing the stories of those who make a ton of money and formulating your own opinion on the actions you should take.

If you are interested in achieving money and success through business, you need to read this book on the true art of the deal making and understand what employing these practices can do to accelerate your business growth.

#4: The Loopholes of the Rich by Diane Kennedy

This is a Wiley book which is partially a reason for it gaining much of my trust. Throughout my undergraduate and post graduate education, I found that my favorite educational books were those from Wiley.

They simply knew what authors they wanted to publish, and what books would suit their quality of knowledge sharing. Loopholes of the Rich is no different.

This book states its purpose directly on the cover: “How the Rich Legally Make More Money and Pay Less Tax”.

It’s really quite a simple concept. If you are paying over 50% of your annual income in taxes, you are not doing your due diligence to study tax law, take the proper write offs, and you are not investing in the proper assets.

Understanding taxes is a key element of developing a business, no matter what avenue of business you have taken. This particular book allows readers to understand the most common write offs and tax strategies that the rich employ to pay less taxes at the end of the year.

If you incorporate these strategies into your business, you will be able to keep more of your money. In turn, you will be able to reinvest your earnings into your business.

It’s free to keep your money. Just do as the book says:

  1. Take control of when and how much you pay in taxes
  2. Develop a personalized tax loophole strategy
  3. Create a systemized approach to building wealth through the tax advantages that the IRS WANTS you to use
  4. Structure your business to lower its tax burden and protect your wealth
  5. Legally and ethically lower your tax bill

Remember, the system favors those who create their own opportunity. By becoming a business owner and leader you can generate true wealth. This book tells you just how to make that happen.

#5: The Real Book of Real Estate by Robert Kiyosaki

A large majority of business owners are also real estate owners and investors. Once, when I was younger, I over heard a man say that everyone needs a few things to live: food, water, energy, and shelter. I immediately knew that these were the things that I needed to invest in.

I actually emulate Robert Kiyosaki as much as I possibly can. Some of his older books have inspired me so deeply that I was able to change my financial situation, eliminate consumer debt, develop multiple successful websites, decrease my tax burden year over year, and start investing in real estate.

Before I started investing in real estate I needed to fully understand the different avenues you can take within the realm of real estate and how to utilize each avenue to be highly profitable.

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of information on real estate. Whether you are surfing the web or reading individual books on different real estate topics, you need one place that summarizes the opportunities available to you.

This book does precisely that. Robert utilizes experts across all of the different fields of real estate expertise and tells their stories in one place. He discusses the importance of your real estate team and running your real estate investments as a business.

If you are at all interested in real estate, whether you are new to the game or a seasoned veteran, this book is the number one comprehensive real estate information source on the market.

Those are my top 5 business books for 2019. If you’d like to continue your reading, some of my other honorable mentions that didn’t make this list are below:

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

Curious: The Desire to Know and Why Your Future Depends On It by Ian Leslie

Incorporate & Grow Rich by C.W. Allen, Cheri S. Hill, Diane Kennedy, and Garrett Sutton

If you have any questions or thoughts about the books I’ve discussed above, feel free to comment below. Remember, I will never advertise a sub-par product to my readers. I am here to help you build wealth, not steal it or waste your money.

If you want to connect further and network with me, my colleagues, or learn more about how I manage my businesses and leisure head over to my Wealthy Affiliate profile and send me a message!

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26 thoughts on “The Best Business Books For 2019”

    1. Thanks David! I’m glad you’ve made a dent in this list before coming to the site. I definitely encourage reading even more of them. You can never gain enough knowledge when it comes to minding your money!


  1. I have read “The rich dad and the poor Dad”and I really enjoyed it, it gave me another way of thinking about money and that has been helping me. That is the only book I have read among those you listed. Thanks for providing me the list of books I must read before the year runs out because I’ve been searching for the perfect book to read this year. I think I’ve seen the perfect ones that will even change my business life.

    1. Thanks for offering your insight on Rich Dad Poor Dad. It really is a great book. It helped me when I was first starting in both online business and real estate. It also has helped tremendously with managing my finances and income that I receive from my day job. 

      i definitely suggest diving into a few more of these books as they have all been very helpful on my journey to financial success. I hope that you find the same.


  2. OK, you’ve giving me a new book to read in 2019.  I’ve read everything on your list with the exception of Reminiscence of a Stock Operator.  

    My wife and I have invested in real estate…so pretty much every Robert K has touched, we have read.  We’ve always been impressed with his message and how it is delivered.  His stuff is easy to read and apply.

    Anyway, I want to learn more about the stock market as we look to diversify our real estate holdings…the book you recommend is as good of a place as any to start!

    One of my personal favorites you might want to add to future lists is The Millionaire Next Door.  Once you make you money, you’ll want to keep it.  This book looks at the stories of those who lost it all, and highlights where they went wrong.  As well as looking at the success stories and what they did right.  One of the key take aways is that the millionaire next door doesn’t “look” like a millionaire…and that is exactly why he is one!

    Thanks again for the recommendation.  All the best in 2019.

    1. Thanks for the great recommendation! I’ll have to check out The Millionaire Next Door. I have seen that at a few of my favorite local bookstores but have yet to pick it up and dive in.

      Now I know what to read next! Thanks for reading. Glad that you also had a great experience with some of these books.


  3. Hi there,

    I love to read. I am glad that I found the book that I read on your list. The first book that I was ever read was who moved my cheese, the basic business book but yet so simple and easy to understand. Then I explore more to who the rich dad (all of them), 4 hour work week, the richest man in Babylon etc. I am currently reading the Shark Tank book, but got distracted with life so I have been starting on the first chapter again and again lol. My next book on the list is also Trump, the art of the deal. Oh did you read the book compilation with both Trump and Robert? It was interesting book to read as well. Will add the Loopholes of the Rich to my list after I finish with my list. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. The Richest Man In Babylon definitely should have made my honorable mention list at least! That’s a great suggestion and I totally had forgotten about that book as I read it so long ago. 

      I have yet to read the compilation. It’s on my list of upcoming books to read. However, it’s sometimes tough to get through all of them in a year! I only suggest books that I’ve actually read so maybe as I expand my business book archives different books will make their way onto the list for 2020. You have thrown out some great suggestions, I can’t wait to get my hands on them!


  4. I love reading about business, investing and the use of money. I read many authors including the ones you one recommended in this post. Robert Kiyosaki is truly an amazing and inspiring person. His “Rich Dad Poor Dad” best seller helped so many people who struggled with distributing money and truly understanding how and where to invest the money.

    I am a big fan of his since that book. Loopholes of the rich seems like a very interesting book. I think I am going to check it out. You have very good opinion of this book and that is enough for me.

    Thank you for this amazing post.


    1. Thanks so much for reading about my favorite books for the new year! I’m excited that you have read Rich Dad Poor Dad already and that it has helped you out tremendously. I think that personal finance is something that falls by the wayside throughout many people’s experiences with formal education. 

      The fact that Robert Kiyosaki has made it his mission to educate and inform those like you and I that know we need to learn more about managing our wealth is really a humbling point. 

      Loopholes of the Rich is a HUGE book for understanding what to do in terms of Tax Law and what the IRS offers in terms of credits and deductions that will benefit business owners and lower your effective tax rate and taxes owed. Definitely check it out! As I said before, I only write about products that I genuinely believe in, that book is a great one. 

      As always, thank YOU for reading and keep up all of your hard work. 

      Much success to you,


  5. I definately a bit fan of Robert. I have quite the collection from him already. You did mention a few books I have not heard of and will most likely read them in the next year. I really passionate creating passive income streams myself, especially after working 20 years as a carpenter and getting sick to have very little to show for it. 10 years later my main focus is how increase my security for the future with investments fed by income streams I create.

    1. He really is a fantastic author and mentor. He has built quite an empire within the business realm and offers lessons to the general public for next to nothing in return (reasonably priced books).

      I’m glad I could provide alternative books outside of your normal reading list! That was the goal here. It’s tough when life throws you into negative situations, but I’m glad that you have decided that your future is in your hands, and your security and financial stability or longevity in life is controlled by you and you alone.

      I think it’s great that you are seeking your own income streams. It’s always better to be able to pay yourself than depend on someone else to write your paycheck!

      Keep up the good work.


  6. When I wanted to start business, I was advised to read some business books, that they would help build me and prepare me for the challenges I’m going to be facing in the business. I love the way you listed these books, it’ll help people know which books to read. My favorite of all time is Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert KiyoSaki. 

    1. Hello Dhayours, reading does exactly that, prepares you for many of the challenges you will face.

      I’m glad I could provide you with some new books to read! These really are my favorites for the year, I think that they provide a great benefit for anyone looking to build true generational wealth. If you are interested in business, and becoming successful, it just takes studying those who have done it before you and their methods. 

      No sense in reinventing the wheel, these books are the wheel 🙂

      Rich Dad Poor Dad can completely change your thought process if you don’t have a business mindset. If you are trying to break away from the W-2 lifestyle and write your own paychecks, it is definitely my number one suggestion for making that change.

      Thanks for reading,


  7. These books are so inspiring and amazing. The are mind lifting and can make one retrace their steps the way they should. Books that can make you to understand the meaning of life and why you exist and knowing that goals must be set and target must be reached to  feel fulfilled. I just love inspiring  and motivational books.

    1. Hi Kenechi,

      I do agree these are most inspiring. 

      Have you read all of these books? It sounds like you have some experience with them! If so I’d like to hear a bit more about your experience and maybe network and discuss the ideas associated with some of them in a bit more detail. 

      It brings me joy to hear that others have a similar interest and love for inspirational and motivational books.

      Keep reading my friend! Let me know if you have any questions about any of these options that I outlined above or have any suggestions of your own!


  8. I read Rich Dad and Poor Dad a long time ago. It really change the way I thought about finance. I really would like to read the book by Donald Trump, without taking political sides, Trump is a successful business man and he is worth emulating. I’ll settle for reading The art of the deal this month.

    Kind regards

    1. Louis! I definitely recommend a reread of that book in particular. The concepts are really driven home the second time through. There were a lot of things that definitely contributed to my current financial thinking as you mentioned, but the true value in the mindset adjustments that needed to be made are apparent the second time. 

      While maintaining political neutrality and coming from a more bipartisan point of view… I would have to agree with you and this is precisely why I suggested The Art of The Deal. 

      Let me know what you think once you finish it up!


  9. These are awesome books and I’ve read the first one #1: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, just like you described it really got me thinking in an entirely different way. I’m going to purchase the other ones and see how amazing they can be too. 

    Thanks, this is a great list. I’m now following around half the folks I’ve commented on – so for me this has been a double win – the comment and the further reading material that helps me and my blog!

    1. Hi Ayodeji! 

      I feel that majority of the folks reading have read that book.

      It is very encouraging that so many are focused on wealth building and gaining control of their personal finances that they have taken the time to read Robert Kiyosaki’s famous works. 

      I definitely recommend any of them on this list for purchase based on your interests. 

      Glad you are finding value in reading my articles! Let me know if you ever have any questions.



  10. I found this fascinating on multiple levels. Let’s start with the fact that the best advice to invest in the stock market comes from before the Great Depression and is still valid today.

    The second is Robert Kiyosaki is someone I have to look up. I have been bitten in real estate so I will probably steer clear, but he is 2 of your top 5. Do you have any other books from him you would recommend?


    1. Nate! It’s pretty crazy that something so simple can grow your money so consistently in the long run. As long as you don’t decide to sell at the bottom and the market doesn’t crash into oblivion forever you should be able to see very consistent returns YoY for the rest of your life. 

      With the kind of nest egg you can build by retirement age you can live on the 5% per year average return you might receive on the low end. That and the dividends really can allow you to live comfortably for the rest of your life. Benjamin Graham is the man, his editorial of the intelligent investor is awesome, you’ve got to check that one out.

      Robert Kiyosaki is awesome. I think everyone has a bad beat every now and again, even with online business you can win some and lose some. I wouldn’t say completely abstain from real estate, but besides the point Rich Dad Poor Dad Still holds true. 

      Another great option by him if I had to choose is the follow up to Rich Dad Poor Dad called Cashflow Quadrant. This one is important as it teaches about his method and the different quadrants where you will pull in income. It really is quite an interesting concept. He walks through being an employee, investor, business owner, etc. 

      You can purchase Cashflow Quadrant by clicking here!

      Hope that helps!

      Thanks for reading,

  11. Thank you very much for this great post, it Is always good to read books and explore new things. I have always tried to broaden my horizon by reading new and informative books. All the book you listed below sounds like a success pointer to a business. I have read rich Dad,Poor Dad and I really gained a very lot. 

    1. Hi Clement,

      Glad you enjoyed this article. I agree, reading leads to knowledge and knowledge is one of the most valuable things you can invest in. 

      I think you are on the right path forward bringing in new perspectives through reading. It really does, as you said, broaden your horizon. Many of these books outlined are very helpful when you are trying to adjust your mindset to be forward thinking and more business related. 

      Rich Dad Poor Dad is a great start and that’s why it’s at the top of my list. It takes a mindset shift to really dive into some of this stuff. Once you have changed your perspective, though, it becomes easier than ever to pursue alternative income streams and your desire to build an online business really comes forward. 

      Let me know if you have questions about any of these books. I’m always open to discuss literature of any sort.

      Thanks again for reading,


  12. I couldn’t agree with you more, business books are not only needed to keep ones desire at its peak but devise strategies to make the best out of the things we invest in. Glad to have found myself on your site because you’ve added to the list of the business books I’ve planned to read this year. 

    While I want to master affiliate marketing related stuff, stock marketing has grabbed my interest so starting off with reminiscences of a stock operator would be a good take off for me. Thanks for the information. 

    1. Hi DerrAd,

      I think you are 100% on track with your thought process here. I’m glad you’ve found yourself on my site also! It’s always good to expand your list of potential reads, and every year this list changes based on your interests and goals. This year I really wanted to hone in on some of my interests and goals and share those with you, the readers. 

      Affiliate marketing is great, but the stock market is old money. Obviously there are new, creative ways out there to create side income… but the stock market is one of those sit back and wait for your money to grow ideas. It’s slow sometimes but having fundamental knowledge can make it a great backup or long term plan to support some of your riskier investments if they go awry. 

      That is a great first choice! Let me know how you feel about it when you are finished reading. I’m curious to hear whether other people enjoy it as much as I do. 

      Thanks for reading!


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