What Is The Easiest Way To Build A Website? (Video Included)

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Building a website can seem like such a daunting task. Most people don’t know HTML, Javascript, CSS, or any other coding language to design a nice user interface. Also, most people don’t generally have a hosting platform lined up to take care of the back end of their site.

I would know, I started the same way… with limited knowledge of websites overall. However, that’s no reason to NOT take advantage of all the great resources out there for building sites. It might seem hard right now, and I know you may be wondering… “what is the easiest way to build a website?”

Well, there’s always an easier way. That’s what I’m going to explain in this very article. So prepare yourself because by the end of this post you’ll be able to have your very own website.

  What’s the simplest platform to use?

Many people struggle with finding a convenient platform to host their site and edit the overall look and feel of the site all in one. Thankfully, there are platforms like that available. My favorite is Wealthy Affiliate.

Now, you don’t have to use Wealthy Affiliate. It’s just my personal preferred platform. There are other options out there like GoDaddy and WordPress alone.

Many bloggers and web builders have patched together their own web hosting platforms with some front end design that they do independently or contract out. The tough part about this method is that if you pay someone to work up a front end design for you you’ll then be attached to that designer or someone else will have to build out the code when you would like to add, remove, or edit the formatting of your site.

In addition, there have been countless reports of WordPress being tough to use when you are required to login independently. WordPress also lacks Site Support. When you have limited Site Support and install an update you risk the potential for a total loss of your site if you forget to back everything up prior to updating.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate becomes my preferred hosting platform. In addition to their amazing Affiliate Education Program they offer great web hosting and utilize a WordPress Express platform. However, Wealthy Affiliate’s version of WordPress comes with SSL capabilities allowing your site to be secured with an SSL certificate that helps your rank in Google. In addition, Wealthy Affiliate has unparalleled Site Support and SEO plugins.

wealthy affiliate site plugins

This ensures that your site will be supported and backed up within Wealthy Affiliate. If anything happens that you lose data, Site Support has a cached version of your site that they can restore. You may lose limited data but your whole site will not have to be reconstructed.

The SEO plugins help with Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines allowing your content to rank. Also the built-in XML maps that come with WordPress allow Google to affectively crawl your site and find every post and page you’ve created thus far.

All of these additional features make it so easy to create a website without thinking about all the overwhelming details. Wealthy Affiliate and WordPress Express can also walk you through building the site step by step. This platform contains everything you need to know about building out a site and making sure it becomes a successful authority site. All you have to do is follow the basic training steps that they offer.

I know all of these things can still sound overwhelming. You may be wondering at this point how long it is going to take you to build a site with Wealthy Affiliate.

Imagine if it only took you 30 seconds to build it. Would you be interested? If so keep reading.

How long will it take to build a WordPress site on Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate allows you to grab a domain, build a site, and start editing content all in one place. If you are thinking that this is going to take years to create a site, you’re wrong actually.

It’s super simple to create a site. Here’s a video showing you just how easy it is to create a WordPress site in just 30 seconds:

build a wordpress site in 30 seconds

Now that you’ve watched that video and you understand how easy it is to create a website from absolutely nothing, check out all the great things that Wealthy Affiliate has done for me.

If you don’t want to generate your own custom domains or pay for domains just yet remember that you can easily create a .siterubix domain for free. Give it a shot for yourself. Create a domain right now using this SiteRubix tool:

After you’ve created this domain, learn all about key words and ranking in Google by utilizing my favorite keyword tool Jaaxy below:

So that’s it! You should have your own website developed and ready to start populating with endless quantities of content that can easily lead you to making all sorts of money online. Whether it be through Affiliate Marketing, Retail Arbitrage, or whatever else you decide to do, you’ve now taken the first steps on your path to online success.

If you haven’t yet built a site, cruise over to WA, knock out the site and then come back and share it with me here. I’ll offer you free comments on your site and help you with new articles and ideas.

Good luck to you!


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10 thoughts on “What Is The Easiest Way To Build A Website? (Video Included)”

  1. Hey Dalton, I joined Wealthy Affiliate a while back in order to learn the ropes to affiliate marketing which requires building a website, attracting visitors and achieving conversions.
    Problem I had prior to starting, I was a complete newbie and required training right from the basic steps. The course Wealthy Affiliate produce is very straightforward to accomplish building a website and gaining traffic, it’s just a matter of working through each step and implementing what’s show through their video training course – I like this way of training.
    Regarding hosting, support is superb. Occasionally, when I have had a particular concern I contact the Support Desk and my query has usually been dealt with within 5 minutes. Help & support is their no1 priority.
    Informative post – And you’re right, my initial website was up and running in under a minute,

    1. Hey Simon,

      Thanks for commenting. I’m pleased to hear that you’ve had a very similar experience to mine at Wealthy Affiliate. It truly is my favorite Affiliate Platform for all the reasons you’ve discussed as well as the ones outlined in the article.

      I’m glad that this training style works for you. It sort of has a “learn by doing” feel to it which is extremely important. Dealing with customers and website owners has got to be grueling work. For them to respond so quickly is just astonishing in my opinion.

      Keep up the good work with your sites Simon!

      Take Care,

  2. Hi Dalton, thanks for great post. Without a doubt, Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a really great platform to build a website. Over at WA, you have everything you need to create an awesome website at a very reasonable price. All the tools you need are right there all in one place. I especially like the fact that anybody can get started building a site at WA at no cost at all for a starter member (Really there is no excuse why everybody should be building a website..) and just $49 for a premium membership with access to tons tool and access to a great community. Yep! I agree with you 100%, WA rocks!!

    1. Stanley,

      Couldn’t agree more! Glad you stopped in to offer some additional insight. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the place to be when first founding a website. Even in the long run it definitely is the go to. It has been the best experience for me online.

      The membership cost options are fantastic for certain!

  3. This is a well written article, informative and to the point
    the whole idea of having my own website seemed so daunting to me over the years that I’d practically given up of ever having one.
    WA changed all that, I’m new and a total novice at this whole technology and its still intimidates me but I’m learning bit by bit thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.


    1. Oliver,

      I’m glad you got past the daunting feeling of building a site! And I’m more glad that you came back to it with Wealthy Affiliate and that you have not given up. Congratulations. No reason to be intimidated because I can tell already you’re going to be highly successful in this space!


  4. Wealthy Affiliate is perhaps the best site to get started! with it’s awesome tutorials, training and community, its hard to beat the value that can result from doing enough blogging and hardwork!

    I’ve learnt so much, that I’ve even began making some money after about 5 months of constant writing and connection making!

    Thanks for this great article:)

    1. Hey Jeremy,

      Thanks for reading! Glad you agree about the great opportunity that Wealthy Affiliate offers. I definitely haven’t found any other platform that offers the sort of value that WA does. 5 months is a really short time span to be knocking down revenue from your site. Glad it’s all working well for you thus far.

      You are living proof that success can be had online in a relatively short period of time too. Keep up the good work, friend.


  5. Love the article, very informative. If I were not already an associate, I could easily get all my information from this post. Anyone interested in building a Website plus receives help the whole way through needs to contact you for sure.

    1. Hey Frank,

      Glad I could help you out!

      It’s great to hear that you are already part of Wealthy Affiliate yourself. Huge congratulations on that. Appreciate the support of the platform and you coming here to express it.


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